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Wedding Planner vs. Travel Agent

What’s the difference between a wedding planner and a travel agent? Your wedding planner and your travel agent are two key players dedicated to making sure your big day goes exactly as planned, but their roles are very different.

Wedding Planners: The Big-Day Directors 

A wedding planner going over details with the bride
On-site wedding specialists


Wedding planners help you organize and plan all your wedding events by referring trusted vendors. With a destination wedding, your wedding package will likely include an on-site wedding planner. These specialists will not only coordinate with you in advance of your arrival, but also they will meet with you in person once you arrive to finalize any details before the wedding.


Wedding planners know exactly what questions to ask to make sure your expectations are met and you aren’t taken by surprise. They’re also pros at keeping day-of details organized and working with you to make your day as personalized and memorable as possible.


Wedding planners can’t help you arrange excursions, make itinerary upgrades or compare wedding packages for other resorts. They also won’t field questions from your guests or make bookings for friends and family. They are strictly there to plan with wedding events only.


Travel agents: The Big-Picture Champions

A happy couple meeting with a travel agent
Travel agents specialize in destination weddings


Travel agents are specialists in specific areas, such as destination weddings and honeymoons. They can contribute their expertise and since they aren’t affiliated with any one resort, they can help you weigh the pros and cons of different locations without bias. They organize the entire event, from booking flights and rooms for you and all your friends and family to finding you the best value and helping in the case of any travel mishaps.


Travel agents are experts at organizing groups. From coordinating travel arrangements to handling special needs, documentation and payments, they take care of all the details so that everyone arrives on time and ready to celebrate! Because they have developed relationships with travel suppliers, they also have access to secret discounts and exclusive VIP perks (such as top-tier upgrades, free Wi-Fi and champagne) that you can’t book on your own.


Although travel agents won’t be able to book your vendors or monitor your wedding day timeline, they will help field all travel questions from your guests to free you up to focus on other things.


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