2/1/2023     by Justin Gibson

Our Picks for a Surf Vacay

Whether you’re looking to elevate your next family vacation beyond the typical getaway or you’re an empty-nester looking to check off some goals from your bucket list, it’s worth considering not just a beach vacation — but a surf vacation. Surfing is an incredibly rewarding experience, and one that lends itself to anybody with a swimsuit, a sense of adventure and access to the shoreline. Now fortunately, Delta Vacations simplifies that last one; you don’t even need to leave the country to find legendary swells. Whether you’re looking to learn a new talent with your kids or pick up the hobby you’ve always daydreamed about, here’s a smattering of world-class waves perfect for your next getaway.

North Shore, Hawaii

Few locales are a mecca to surfing the way Hawaii is, and among the islands, few sections of beach are as fabled as O’ahu’s North Shore. Stretched out across seven miles, the world’s premier surfing competitions take place on this stunning coast in the winter months when the waves transform into giant, glassy behemoths. The summer sees much smaller and gentler surf, perfect for beginners. Whether you’re coming to watch the big-wave pros or hang 10 yourself, be sure to treat yourself with some time to sprawl out on the sand with a rainbow-colored shaved ice.

The waves of North Shore, Oahu are a breathtaking sight.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

When it comes to the the Sunshine State, we recommend Cocoa Beach, Florida. Typically known as the gateway to the Kennedy Space Center, this beach is known as the East Coast surf capital. The ubiquitous Ron Jon Surf Shop originated here, as did the GOAT Kelly Slater. Surf schools are prolific at this beach, but the real draw, as always, is the waves: easy to ride, with water temperatures that are warm year-round translating to the bonne bouche of surfing.

Surfers waiting for a wave in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Malibu, California

Located a breezy 28 miles outside of Los Angeles, Malibu is another surf mecca. Surfing is prevalent, nay, prominent across this entire small town. Specific beaches have their own appeals and crowds, like the gentle, beginner-friendly waves of County Line or local favorite Zuma Beach. Whichever spot you decide to try, take this creed to heart: The early bird gets the worm. Surfing may be popular here, but space — both parking-wise and spots in the water — is ultimately limited. A good time is easier found in the very early hours of the day.

Sunrise on the surf in Malibu, California is a bucket-list experience.

Getting Started on Your Surfing Odyssey

Filled with thoughts and fantasies of hanging 10 at any of the above surf spots? Just like in the film Point Break, it pays to have a crew. In your case, that means a travel agent. Their skillsets streamline all elements of your getaway, ranging from flights to hotel reservations to surf lessons or board rentals. Additionally, just like you’d have to trust a local to gain access to their secret surf spot, a travel agent is your connection to exclusive perks and amenities with the leading names in travel. In this case, Delta Vacations — a dedicated provider of all-in-one vacation experiences — proves to be your one-stop-shop for checking off bucket list daydreams. All that you really need to decide is: Where to?

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