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Hawaii is Happening Now

Since Hawaii re-opened for tourism in October of 2020, eager travelers have jumped at the chance to experience the lure of...Read More

Mar 22, 2021

The Caribbean's Most Intimate Islands

We all have the castaway dream: alone on an island paradise, living freely, at peace, at one with nature and the...Read More

Feb 22, 2021


The world of travel has changed a lot in the last year. As every cruise line, resort, airline and transportation company...Read More

Jan 07, 2021

Safety in the Skies

More and more reports are coming out confirming how safe it is to fly during COVID. Thanks to each airline instituting...Read More

Dec 31, 2020


As global travelers, we’ve all been grounded over the last few months. The longer we stay at home, the stronger our...Read More

Sep 09, 2020


These are not international hotspots, packed with a constant flow of tourists and partygoers. Neither are they way off-the-beaten-path either. Instead,...Read More

Aug 05, 2020

History Runs Deep in the Eastern U.S.

As anyone who has listened with rapt attention to the lyrics of “Hamilton” will tell you, American history is surprisingly engaging...Read More

Jul 22, 2020

North America’s Most Unique Experiences

Every long weekend or short vacation needs a focal point — that one moment or experience that you can base the...Read More

Jul 20, 2020

Montréal — A Dance of Contrasts

Montréal is a dance of contrasts. This city-island, nestled between the Prairies and St. Lawrence rivers of Québec, excels at being...Read More

Jul 20, 2020

Chile: One Trail to Bind them All

Some trails are truly epic. It starts with the AT, the mighty Appalachian Trail, that five-million-step behemoth that connects every awe-inspiring...Read More

Jul 13, 2020

Spend Summer on Top of the World

The secret is out, there’s no use pretending otherwise. The Swiss Alps are a fantastic summer destination. Magnificent landscapes of towering...Read More

Jul 13, 2020

New Zealand Experiences That Can’t Be Missed

Arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand has long been a favorite destination for adventurers. Apart...Read More

Jul 13, 2020

Caribbean Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren

There are a lot of positive outcomes when grandparents take the grandkids on an extended holiday, sans parents. Nanna and Grampa...Read More

Jul 07, 2020

Mexico - Destination Relaxation

Whether you travel seeking bold new flavors, panoramic beaches or simply an opportunity to unwind, chances are that Mexico will greatly...Read More

Vancouver: A Getaway for All Ages

With its laidback Pacific Northwest vibe and incredible scenery, Vancouver is generally considered to be one of the best places in the...Read More

Need-to-Know New Zealand Travel Tips

Tucked away on the far corner of the globe, New Zealand may seem at times more like the setting for a...Read More