As global travelers, we’ve all been grounded over the last few months. The longer we stay at home, the stronger our desire to travel grows. But where can we go in the near term that is properly addressing health and safety? Read on as our travel advisor colleagues give you an Insider Report on what it’s like to travel to Mexico right now!
Mexico Insider Report
Mexico Insider Report

Several of our colleagues have recently ventured to various destinations across Mexico, touring multiple all-inclusive resorts and taking careful notes every step along the way. Overall, their reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with one agent saying, “Never have I felt so welcomed by a destination that is serious about caring for its guests.”

Follow along as we share their stories about the entire travel process, from flying and checking in to relaxing at the resorts.

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Helene and Ira Kaplan

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Helene and Ira Kaplan

Englishtown, New Jersey
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Gorgeous, empty beaches with properly distanced loungers

Safety on Flights

“I felt that the safety and health protocols were spot on at the airports on my four flights. I did not encounter anyone not wearing a mask unless eating anywhere along the way. My connection was in Dallas, and I was pleasantly surprised to see many more restaurants and shops open than I expected.”
-Holly K.

Arriving at Airports

“We could not go quicker through immigration, bag pickup and customs. Thermo-imaging cameras took a picture of every passenger. Everyone was wearing masks. Overall, we had a really good experience flying. It had been the easiest trip we had ever taken.”
-Kate T.

“Arriving in Cancun, the custom waiting area was marked with six-foot distance reminders, which people respected. You completed an online health questionnaire before departing the US and completed another one before you returned. You walked through a temperature check with a health official sitting nearby. It was all unobtrusive and reassuring. Hand sanitizer was EVERYWHERE in the Cancun airport and very visible.”
-Holly K.

Travel Leaders Image
Temperature checks upon arrival
Travel Leaders Image
Shoes cleaned when leaving or entering vehicles

Confidence in Mexico

“Once in Mexico, the safety and health protocols were amazing. Hand sanitizer was everywhere — from transfers vehicles, ferry ports, pharmacies and everywhere in between. One of my transfer drivers told me that they wear their masks ALL the time, even when driving by themselves as mandated, and are HAPPY to do so to protect and assure tourists of their commitment to health safety.”
-Holly K.

“I found protocols in place everywhere. We took the public ferry to Isla Mujeres, rode in a cab to a resort and found temperature checks, outdoor washing sinks, plenty of soap and hand sanitizer everywhere. The cab in Isla had a very creative clear barrier that was homemade but very effective!”
-Holly K.

Safety at the Resort

“At our resort in Los Cabos, they do it better than just about anybody else. Their protocols are at the highest end of anywhere I’ve seen in Mexico right now. At check in, they first checked my oxygen saturation to make sure I was in the safe range, then I used hand sanitizer, had my shoes decontaminated and my temperature checked by a machine that uses a laser. All the staff wore masks or face shields throughout my entire stay."
-Danny G.

Glass partitions effectively separate you during check-in

“The protocols at the resorts I visited were fantastic. I visited five Palace Resorts and the PURELY PALACE program was visible, professional and not obtrusive. From feet and luggage cleaning, temperature checks, sealed rooms, distance protocols beautifully designed in public areas, to clear barriers, food handled with servers in gloves and masks, I felt like I was home in a very safe place. I have more fear going to Walmart or Home Depot honestly than I did enjoying the amenities of these resorts.”
-Holly K.

“I have been to seven resorts in Cancun and the Riviera Maya during my two trips to Mexico recently, and all of them used temperature checks. They were all very clean everywhere, and the staff wore masks, face shields and gloves."
-Samarah M.

Staff were masked the entire time, and partitions set up throughout the resort

“Honestly, it was so much more safe at our resort in Cancun than here at our home and office. Our temperature was checked, our luggage was sanitized upon arrival at the resort. Every employee wore a mask and never removed it in public. The resort was, by law, only 30 % full, and elevators had a four-person maximum rule."
-Mark C.

Overall Experiences

“I knew that things would be great in Mexico and I wasn't disappointed. I have always loved the service and care that the people of Mexico genuinely share — I think it’s number one for a tropical vacation. My experience this time was service and care on steroids! Never have I felt so welcomed by a destination that is serious about caring for its guests.”
-Holly K.

Serene and safe, Mexico’s resorts are ready for you

“All in all, I felt happy, relaxed, safe, and my mental attitude improved so much within 24 hours at this spectacular resort.”
-Mark C.

“It’s such a great time to go right now. With resorts maxed out at 30% occupancy, social distancing is easy, and the staff was going above and beyond.”
-Samarah M.

Everyone has their own individual decisions to make on comfort levels to travel in the short term. If you’ve reached the point where you need a break, and just needed the inspiration that travel is possible, these firsthand stories may give you the confidence you need to take the next step.

For us, there was one quote that summed it all up from the collective experiences of these expert travel advisors . . .

“It was the best four days of the last six months for me!” -Holly K.

And we'll let James Taylor close it out . . .

“Oh, Mexico. It sounds so simple I just got to go. The sun’s so hot I forgot to go home. Guess I’ll have to go now..."

To plan your all-inclusive resort getaway to Mexico, contact your travel professional today.

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