All-inclusive resort companies like RIU Hotels & Resorts have put in place enhanced safety measures to protect guests and staff from COVID-19 infection. RIU created a manual of seventeen protocols for a post-pandemic stay. These include thorough staff training, reduced occupancy and mobile menus.
17 Steps to Guest Safety
17 Steps to Guest Safety

Seventeen Steps to Safety: New Protocols for All-Inclusive Resorts  

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When it comes to your health and safety when you stay at hotels and resorts, there can never be enough safety precautions. From providing hand sanitizer in rooms to cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants, hotel companies have led an impressive response to the challenges of COVID-19 to help protect you. Peace of mind has been top-of-mind for companies like RIU Hotels & Resorts, which responded to coronavirus concerns by developing a manual of 17 protocols for a post-pandemic stay.

RIU Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Preverisk Group on their new health & safety guidelines

RIU professionals partnered with Preverisk, a consultancy firm that specializes in health and safety advice and implementation in the tourism industry, to develop this comprehensive manual. Guests can rest assured that every inch of an RIU property, from the entryway to the pool, has been assessed for its possible safety risks. Here are a few measures the Spanish hotel chain, which has properties across the globe, is enforcing company-wide:

  • Reduced Occupancy — Occupancy is limited to 50% or 60% to prevent over-crowding.
  • Temperatures Taken — Guests’ and visitors’ temperatures are taken at the door to prevent the spread of COVID. Staff temperatures are also taken regularly.
  • Touch-Free Measures — Mobile apps are used as an information tool in communal areas to avoid the use of paper forms or flyers which may hold germs. At bars, a drinks menu can be found on the RIU App or on posters in place of in-hand menus.
  • Reduced Room Amenities and Careful Cleaning — Non-essential items such as magazines and leaflets have been removed from rooms. Complimentary hand sanitizer has been placed in every room, and employees follow strict instructions to prevent cross-contamination when cleaning rooms. Rooms are disinfected with proven virucidal products.
  • Staff Training — employees are thoroughly guided on all safety measures. Staff who belong to risk groups are not put in charge of potentially hazardous jobs. The use of PPE is compulsory, and a designated “disinfection team” has been created in each hotel
  • Monitored Dining — Buffets are still in place but are will look quite different than they have in the past. All guests must wear gloves and face coverings to access the buffet, which now contain more packaged products, individual portions and live cooking. Tables are spaced a safe distance apart and covered with single-use tablecloths. Everyone is required to disinfect hands upon entering the dining area.
Limited pool capacity and social distancing are a part of the new protocols at RIU Resorts

All areas of the resorts, including pools and entertainment centers, are painstakingly cleaned and maintained. Understanding that comfort with traveling may change, RIU is allowing booking up to April 2021 to be cancelled or modified free of charge. In June, RIU launched RIU Protect, a service that provides medical assistance to all guests — if you fall ill while abroad, this unique service offers extra safety. 

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As people begin to travel again, all-inclusive vacations may hold even greater appeal at this time. Since guests may desire or be required to stay on premises, having everything in one location is ideal. A stress-free, fun-filled getaway is still possible. 

For more information on resort safety measures and to book your all-inclusive vacation, contact one of our expert travel advisors.

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