3/7/2024     by Jonathan Hermann

Our Favorite "Wow!" moments on Icon of the Seas

Royal Caribbean®’s Icon of the SeasSM set sail earlier this year, and our agents were on board one of the very first voyages. While sailing on the largest cruise ship in the world, we often found ourselves wide-eyed with awe, our jaws dropped to the ground, saying “wow” over and over again. There are just so many amazing, first-of-its-kind experiences you’ll enjoy when you sail on this mind-blowing ship. Keep reading to discover our agency’s favorite “wow” moments on The Icon of VacationsSM.


Stepping On Board

When you hear the phrase “largest cruise ship in the world,” it doesn’t immediately register how big that is. Because, for most of us, we think every cruise ship is a large and impressive piece of machinery. But then you step on board Icon of the Seas and just go “wow” as you are immediately met with the Royal Promenade, a massive two-story interior avenue of shopping, dining and bars. It’s so big, it even hosted a sizeable parade on opening night. You’ll momentarily forget you’re on a ship.


The Pearl

At the heart of the Royal Promenade is The Pearl, an interactive, multi-sensory experience made with kinetic tiles. This other-worldly ball of structural artistry actually accomplishes three things: It is an engineering marvel that allows the promenade to include massive windows for exceptional sea views; it provides the ideal backdrop for selfies and group photos, both outside and inside its glittering shell; and it makes you go “wow.”


Travel Leaders Image
Diving and aerial performances collide at the AquaDome

The Shows at the AquaDomeSM

The space alone at the AquaDome is enough to make you go “wow,” but then that interjection gets capitalized and exclamation-pointed at night into a “WOW!!” thanks to the AquaTheaterSM shows here. On other ships, the AquaTheater is an outdoor venue at the ship’s stern. Icon of the Seas takes it up a mighty notch by bringing it inside and adding a towering, shape-shifting waterfall and electrifying light show to put on breathtaking diving and aerial performances. The performances were in the air, on the water and underwater simultaneously, creating scenes that simply defied expectations.


Travel Leaders Image
The Wizard of Oz is full of surprises

The Wizard of Oz

Another performance that left us feeling that we were caught up in a wondrous tornado of awesomeness was Royal Caribbean’s adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, the very first rendition of this beloved story at sea. Set in the expansive Royal Theater, this fan favorite included characters soaring above the audience, a revolutionary set design with never-before-seen stage effects, more than 600 costume elements and an original score performed by the first 16-piece orchestra at sea. The whole idea of “you’re not in Kansas anymore” really strikes home when you’re sailing in the Bahamas.

Absolute ZeroSM

Not to be outdone with shows on stage and underwater, Icon of the SeasSM brings you another stunning venue at Absolute Zero, Royal Caribbean’s biggest ice arena ever. Here you can watch all-star performers unleash a dazzling array of axels and spins in an immersive, digitally mapped backdrop that transforms the arctic arena to showcase storylines beyond any you’ve imagined.

The best way to experience all these wows on Icon of the SeasSM yourself is with the help of a trusted travel agent. Our agency knows Royal Caribbean well, so we can give you real-world advice and vacation-enhancing insights. Contact us today to start planning your Icon of Vacations.


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