4/18/2023     by Justin Gibson

Your Introduction to Your Next Dream Getaway: Thailand

Few countries can hope to rival what Thailand offers; after all, Thailand has it all. Beautiful beaches line the country, with gorgeous rainforests sandwiched all in between. Lively markets are as abundant as ancient temples — which is to say, they’re prominent. For a broad-strokes introduction on what makes Thailand so amazing, consider the following.
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This pa-pong-peang rice terrace, framed by both sunrise and rainforest, is the perfect example of stunning views.

Healing for Both Body and Soul

The roots of Thailand’s spirituality run deep — so much so that the literal landscape feels like meditation. From the tranquil valleys to the pristine beaches, the lush tropical rainforests to the ancient temples, the countryside itself seems to lull you into a deep sense of peace. You’re not at a loss for choosing a spa or wellness retreat — in truth, much of Thailand receives high praise for its healing properties. One of our favorites is the Cabin Creeks in Chanthaburi; their “forest-bathing” experiences do more than de-stress — they center you, harmonizing your mind with what it means to exist as you spend your days enveloped in the woods and accompanying sounds of wilderness.

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Thai papaya salad, a famous Thai street food that is sweet and spicy.

Colorful Culture

The soul of a country’s culture can easily be located in its arts; in Thailand, there is no craft as vaulted as textiles, especially so in the northern provinces of the country. The beauty of the textiles is multifaceted; the intricate patterns hold cultural values that have been passed down for hundreds of years. In this way, Thailand’s textiles aren’t just clothing, but heritage manifest, ever-evolving with time and belief. Then there’s the craft itself: While the main materials employed are cotton and silk, the styles in which they can be spun are numerous. They can be classified into handwoven, silk, Mo Hom, Khit, Pha Lai Nam Lai (Flowing Water Design), Matmi, Chok, Karen, Tai Lue, Hmong, Akha (E-kaw), Yao (Mien), Black Lahu (Muser), Palaung and Lua textiles. The chances to learn about each when visiting are as numerous as the chances to snag a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

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Biking is a good sustainable way to see many historical sites in Thailand.

Sustainable Travel

It’s only natural that Thailand — a nation with sweeping, stunning landscapes and unbridled natural beauty — would recognize the importance of sustainable travel. Low carbon tourism is their guiding light for the nation moving forward, and while much of Thailand’s initiative lives at the national level, you’ll find doing your part and minimizing your carbon footprint while exploring the many sights and attractions is a breeze. Many of Thailand’s activities require minimal electricity (though we understand that surfing picture-perfect swells can feel electrifying), and between bicycles and public transport, it’s easy to be green while getting around city centers.

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Watching the sunset in Koh Kood, Thailand is both priceless and easily affordable.

Affordable Luxury

Whether it’s high-society dining, private sightseeing flights, boutique luxury retreats, world-class cuisine or rare artisanal craftwork, a reoccurring thought will present itself: “Wow, that’s a really good deal.” The truth is even more sublime: Luxury in Thailand is simply affordable. There’s no shortage of ways to treat yourself while visiting, and the fact that none of it costs much more than an Uber ride in New York is the gold-flaked cherry on top.


An ideal way to visit Thailand is with the trusted guidance of one of our travel agents. Not only will you have plenty of time to experience the sights and flavors listed above, but you’ll also enjoy off-the-beaten-path recommendations, exclusive deals and savings as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a professional on call to handle any of life’s curveballs. Our agents are well versed on travel to and through Thailand, so we can help you choose, plan and book your vacation to perfection.


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