3/29/2023     by Justin Gibson

The Ultimate RIU Party Destination: Experience Unforgettable Nights at RIU Punta Cana

Whether it's spring break or just the perfect time to cash in your vacation days, orchestrating the chance to treat yourself to a good time is a downright rite of living. You (and any crew you adventure with) would be wise to look south: The sunny shores of Mexico are world-renowned for the types of parties people tell stories about for the rest of their lives. An all-in-one solution on where to look? RIU Hotels & Resorts, what with their all-inclusive accommodations and (this is key) Riu Parties — your one-stop-shop for the top DJs, shows, performances and parties in the country. For a better idea of just what RIU Parties brings to the bottle-service table, read on.
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Make no mistake: This isn't your typical Pool Party.

RIU Pool Party

Nothing is cooler on a hot summer day than a pool party — and no pool party is cooler than a RIU pool party. These exclusively adult-only bashes are the talk of the town, and for good reason. You and your crew can expect to enjoy DJ sessions, entertainment and captivating shows, all while thriving with your fellow party animals.


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Nothing says "night life" quite like RIU's Neon Party.

RIU Get Together Party

The power of a well-crafted set can awaken the soul and open one’s eyes to the beauty of life … which is why RIU Get Together Parties are suitable for all ages (the exception to this being the ones taking place at adult-exclusive hotels). Discover the best national DJs and top entertainment while you dance the night away shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow party animals and dance aficionados.


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Unleash your wild side at RIU's Jungle Party.

Unique RIU Theme Parties

To the layman, a party is a party. But, to the initiated, the baptized-by-bass, no two parties are the same; each is alive, animated with its own guiding spirit.

Jungle Party – The spirit of the jungle is summoned to the dance floor, giving you the perfect opportunity to unleash your wild side!  

White Party – Don your lightest garb for an ethereal night of excitement. Amazing aerial dance shows float above you, while you glide across the dance floor below, entranced by a whole host of surprises.

Neon Party – The night seems to glow with magic — a magic that is easy to get swept away in. This fluorescent world pulses with energy, glows with joy and makes the perfect setting for a night of dancing.

Pink Party – Forget blonde; pink has more fun. Everything here is pink-tinted to create a unique ambiance for a party you won’t soon forget, but like any worthwhile experience … seeing is believing.


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There's a certain charm to the simplicity of the White Party — everything else is more vibrant in comparison.

VIP Areas At RIU Party Punta Cana & RIU Party Cabo

No party, no matter how grand, is complete without a place for VIPs. For those partying at Los Cabos and Punta Cana, RIU’s exclusive VIP areas are the best seat in the house — book a table, kick back and revel in the tunes of the best DJs from a privileged (and sought-after) spot in the front row! 

An ideal way to make the most of Riu Parties is through the custom offerings of Funjet Vacations. As a vacation package supplier with a long history of going the extra mile to make the getaway grand, they’re well-equipped to ensure you make the most of your stay at a RIU property. Not only will you have plenty of time to experience the party scenes listed above, but you’ll also enjoy all the typical trappings of RIU: excellent facilities for leisure and relaxation, stunning architectural design, inviting rooms as well as downright delectable dining options. Our agents know Funjet Vacations well, so we can help you choose, plan and book your vacation to perfection.

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