3/29/2023     by Justin Gibson

RIU’s Splash Water World Park Takes Pool Days to a New Level

Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to vacation days, the maxim is doubly true. Nothing wears the luster off a beach day quite like seven of them in a row, uninterrupted. Now, any vacation worth its sea salt needs a definitive change of activity, a pause in the pristine peace. The perfect beach vacation entails a palate cleanser of waterslides, and RIU Hotels has you covered. With the offerings of their Splash Water World, you can treat yourself to a change of scenery without ever leaving the paradise that is your beachfront resort.
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Feel the need for speed with any one of the waterslides.

Thrilling Waterslides at RIU Splash Water World

Whether you feel a serious need for speed or are just looking to add a splash of excitement to a relaxing day in paradise, the waterslides of Splash Water World are certain to hit the spot. The Kamikaze is so named thanks to its impressive drops; the Body Vortex is equally thrilling as a closed-body slide that shoots you down into a pool below. Then there’s the free-fall slide, which — you guessed it — aptly simulates the experience of free-falling into the pool below. Try them all at least once, or beeline to your favorite over and over, the end result is the same: These slides are the staccatissimo, the exclamation point to a peaceful day in paradise.


Family Fun at the Kids' Water Park

If your little ones are too short for the slides, don’t worry: They don’t have to miss out on the fun offered at Splash Water World. Next to the slides sits the Children’s Park! This pool is designed for and dedicated to children, elevating a simple pool day into an adventure they’ll cherish. To recognize its full potential, you have to allow yourself to see it through the unconstrained imagination of a kid: Maybe the kiddie pool is actually the surface of a far-away, watery planet. Maybe the play structure is actually a pirate ship. The slides might be for walking the plank. That fountain? The horn-blowhole of a submerged unicorn-whale. There are no wrong answers! Simply endless possibilities for fun as a family.

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Your little ones can have a splashing good time too at the Kids' Park.


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When you eventually need a breather from the waterslides, kick back and relax at the Lounge Area.

Relaxing RIU Lounge Area

If you need a breather from racing down waterslides or splashing about in the kids' park, there are few spots as idyllic as the nearby beach lounge chairs. Kick back, relax and soak up the ambiance. Maybe you’re visiting Riu Guanacaste Hotel in Costa Rica, and emerald toucans are serenading you from a nearby tree. Or maybe you’ve decided to vacation at Riu Ocho Rios Hotel, where from your seat you’ll see that the sunshine bathes the Jamaican countryside in a hue of gold. You might be vacationing at RIU Santa Fe or Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas, in which case the gentle swells on the nearby shore are sure to lull you into an afternoon siesta. Whichever location you’ve made your vacation, the constant among them all is you, your family and the perfect pool day in paradise.


An ideal way to make the most of a booking with RIU Hotels is through one of our travel agents. Not only will you have plenty of time to kick back poolside and experience the highlights listed above, but you’ll also enjoy all the other intangible components of a RIU resort: meticulous architectural design, comfortable rooms, excellent facilities for leisure and relaxation, sumptuous spa and wellness facilities as well as great dining options at their different buffets and theme restaurants. Our agents know just who to call to secure the perfect room piled high with exclusive perks and amenities — in this case, Funjet Vacations, a vacation package supplier with nearly five decades of expertise in unapparelled customer care and exceptional value — so we can help you choose, plan and book your tropical vacation to perfection.

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