2/28/2023     by Jonathan Hermann

5 Must-Try Foods on Your Queen Elizabeth Alaska Cruise

Many say that Alaska is a feast of the senses, but it can also be a feast in the more traditional sense. The Last Frontier’s culinary output is as epic and gratifying as its many natural gifts. Locals are fiercely proud of the food they create, and meals are often accompanied by stories of where it was caught and how it was prepared. Finding the most iconic Alaskan treats is easier than panning for gold: here are five sure bets to strike it rich on your next visit up north.
King crabs are definitely worth the effort to eat.

King Crab

At home in the Bering Sea, this considerable crustacean is praised for its colossal size, growing as large as 24 pounds with a leg span of 5 feet. If it wasn’t for the creature’s sweet meat, humans would be happy to let it be. To eat, first open the stiff shells with nutcrackers or mallets and then dig out the meat with special forks. It takes a bit of effort, but it’s worth it.


Reindeer Dog

Primarily made with reindeer or caribou, this hot-dog-style street food is popular throughout the state but is most easily found in Anchorage. It’s often combined with grilled onions, mustard and relish, though you can also find variations topped with cream cheese, jalapenos or mac-and-cheese. These dogs give off just the right amount of heat to warm you on colder Alaskan days.

Pacific halibut on a bed of greens.

Pacific Halibut

Ranging from 20-pound “chickens” and 100-pound “barn doors” to 459-pound “state record,” this deep-sea fish can be found at both bars and high-end dining establishments. Its white, flaky meat is most often served deep-fried in Alaska’s version of fish and chips, while its cheeks are said to have the texture and shape of scallops. Who knew fish had cheeks?  


Berry Cobbler

Thanks to extremely long summer days of unending daylight — up to 24 hours north of Fairbanks — Alaska’s berries grow with wild abandon across the countryside. A properly produced berry cobbler takes a wide cross-section of this juicy output — raspberries, blueberries, cloudberries, blackberries, salmonberries, lingonberries and moss berries — and bakes them to harmonious perfection.

Sample a wide variety of craft beers.

Craft Beer

Thanks to an abundance of cold mountain water and a preference for making their own products due to their geographic isolation, beer-making is a serious endeavor up north. In fact, Alaska ranks sixth in the U.S. for the most breweries per capita. Each town you encounter will have plenty of options on tap for you to savor, from piney IPAs and heavy stouts to creamy blondes and rich barleywines. The more you try, the more you’ll love.

Cunard serves us Alaska's best flavors.

Onboard Delights

You can sample many of these delicacies while sailing the wild Alaskan coastline on Queen Elizabeth®. Better yet, you’ll find several on board. Along with the cruise line’s famous Cunard White Star Service® and elegant spaces, you’ll also enjoy menus that span the gamut from elk burger and lobster to Alaskan salmon and king crab. You can also order Alaskan-themed cocktails like the Alaskan Mule, Alaskajito, the Kodiak Queen and more. Their Alaska sailings also feature cultural heritage guides, National Park rangers for all visits to Glacier Bay National Park and a naturalist providing deck commentary and informative talks.

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