5/23/2024     by Justin Gibson

The Three Best Seasons for Visiting Saudi

While anywhere else in the world the term “season” probably elicits thoughts of weather patterns, in Saudi Arabia, it typically describes different ways to celebrate. Simply put, each season is named after the specific locale that’s hosting the fun. If you, the worldly explorer hungry to experience different cultures, were looking for something new, we’ve got three seasons you need to add to your calendar.


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Formula 1 Jeddah Corniche Circuit

Jeddah Season

For 60 days a year (May through June), Saudi’s second-largest city erupts into a nonstop jubilee. Jeddah season sees the city transform into nine distinct entertainment zones, each sporting a unique theme. For example, Prince Majid Park takes on the spirit of a carnival, complete with a dancing fountain show. Or, take the Jeddah Pier, where the world’s greatest theme park seems to have sprouted right along the coast of the Red Sea — complete with rides that the whole family will love. Plus, the ever-thrilling Formula One circuit hosts the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in March, promising a high-speed spectacle to behold.

Jeddah season is also a wonderful time to soak up the city’s creative spirit: There are 20 concerts and four international exhibitions to attend. Pay a visit to Fashion Village, where a quick session with a stylist will have you living out your very own makeover montage. Or, walk an immersive runway where technology and art collide. Add in the live graffiti mural, the glitter art and the all-day-long DJ station and it’s safe to say you could fill a day exploring.


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Sound Storm by MDL Beast in Riyad

Riyadh Season

One of the most widely anticipated events of the year, Riyadh Season (November - April) is back in action for a fourth year. This‌ gathering in the country's capital features 12 zones, each offering something unique, from concerts and world-class shopping to five-star dining in a vibrant restaurant scene. Discover the Boulevard, Dirayah, Edge of the World, and Al Mamask. Some events are ticketed and some are free. Some events are larger than life. For example, in May 2024, heavyweight champion Tyson Fury took on Oleksandr Usyk in the Ring of Fire, an epic showdown between two of the world’s greatest boxers at the famed Kingdom Arena in Riyadh. Usyk ultimately won in an explosive spectacle of battle.

Thrill-seekers should also take note of Diriyah season — just 20 minutes outside of Riyadh, where several sporting events take place in November and December, such as the Arabian Horse Demo and Al Ardah.

Esports World Cup

The largest esports festival in the world will be a feature in the Saudi Summer calendar, featuring eight weeks of intense competition and a full calendar of entertainment inspired by the world of video games. A full calendar of exciting activations, from gaming exhibitions to grassroots competitions and music concerts – providing fun and entertainment for everyone in attendance, while transforming Riyadh into a gaming capital and an exciting tourism destination. Whether into gaming or simply excited for festivities, the Esports World Cup in Riyadh is not too be missed.

The Summer of Showdowns

This summer, Riyadh transforms into the epicenter of combat sports with the Summer of Showdowns. The series opens with an electrifying MMA Bellator event, followed by a showcase of raw power and charisma at the WWE event. The excitement peaks with UFC Fight Night, featuring top-tier MMA fighters. Additionally, the much-anticipated Fury vs Usyk boxing match promises a showdown that will captivate fans around the world. Don’t miss this season of incredible combat sports action!


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Winter at Tantora balloon festival in AlUla

AlUla Season

Trade your traditionally cold (and gloomy) winter weather for the sprawling beauty of the Arabian desert in AlUla Season (December - March). Heritage events intertwine with international music and dance, massive drone light shows illuminate the sky above historic dwellings and monuments while a 100-strong legion of hot air balloons promises an entirely novel view of the already enchanting locale.

The festivities don’t just stop at luxury tent hotels, market stalls selling fine wares and high-end restaurants. Two key events stand out on the itinerary: Azimuth takes place between sunrise and sunset, where art, live music, food and culture transcend underneath the golden rays. Another event to keep an eye out for is the Wheels Bike Hub — cyclists of all skill levels are invited to let the rubber hit the road in racking up miles and exploring all that AlUla has to offer.

And, don't miss staying in a luxury resort and having desert adventures. Be sure to visit Elephant Rock, Old Town AlUla, and of course the ancient city of Hegra, the centerpiece of any AlUla itinerary. As the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra consists of over 110 remarkably well-preserved tombs, defensive walls, towers and gates.

Curious to discover one (or all) of these seasons for yourself?

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