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The Many Flavors of Adventure in Saudi Arabia

Few countries boast the smorgasbord of adventurous offerings that Saudi Arabia does, and fewer still have been seemingly “off the menu” for much of our lives. But now, with the country opening its doors to international tourism, comes the chance to experience some of its awe-inspiring activities for yourself. Here are a couple of recommendations for any thrill-seeker or outdoor enthusiast to consider when daydreaming about a Saudi expedition.
Underneath the surface of the Red Sea lies a whole new world to discover.

Red Sea Diving

It’d be hard — nay, impossible — to try to touch on the adventure possibilities of Saudi Arabia without mentioning the Red Sea. As a thriving biome, the Red Sea plays host to well over 1,200 species of fish (not to mention some 200 species of coral or 1,000-plus species of invertebrates). Witnessing this aquatic life dart among shipwrecks and reefs is as simple as renting scuba gear or snorkels and diving in at your preferred spot. While some spots might be found wading a short distance offshore, your best bet is to go with a trusted guide!

There isn't a more authentic way to discover the desert than on the back of a camel.

Camel Riding

Nothing is quite as authentic of a Saudi experience as camel riding. For over 3,000 years, camels have proven integral to life on the peninsula as the go-to for transporting goods and people. When you’re perched atop their single hump, you’ll find the Arabian countryside unfolds like an invitation before you — the most pressing question is where to? While you’ll find camels prolific all throughout the country, our recommendation is to charter a ride through Thumamah National Park.

Dune bashing satisfies a need for speed.

Dune Bashing

The modern equivalent to camel riding is quite a bit quicker paced. A 4x4 dune buggy makes for a thrilling way to experience the country’s sand dunes, as you tear up, down and across massive sandy swells. As steering and handling a dune buggy up several hundred meters of sand dune is nearly nothing like your typical highway drive, it’s wise to buckle up and let an experienced tour provider demonstrate how it’s done. As for where to go dune-bashing, the answer is easy — Saudi offers plenty of opportunities, oftentimes right outside a major city such as Riyadh or Jeddah.

The views you'll find can easily be described as "jaw-dropping."


The diverse topography of Saudi Arabia proves to be a hiker’s delight. How could it not? This storied land is filled with stunning views every which way you look. You could choose any of the routes leading you up to Jebel Fihrayn (or “The Edge of the World”), where, from the tops of the 300-meter-high cliffside, you’ll have wholly uninterrupted views of the horizon. Or, you could opt for greener trails with the likes of the Al Ahsa Oasis: A desert oasis filled with shady palm groves and crystal clear springs. For the truly daring, there’s Jabal Abyad. While it can be a challenge to reach even with all-terrain vehicles, to stand atop this 2,093-meter-tall volcano is to feel as though you’re standing on the precipice of the world itself.

With the Red Sea Project on the horizon, the future of adventurous tourism in Saudi Arabia is bright.

The Red Sea Project

While all the above thrills are available in the current day, any well-versed adventurer knows to always keep an eye on the horizon — which is what makes the future of adventure travel in Saudi Arabia so thrilling. Currently in development along the west coast is the Red Sea Project, arguably the world’s most ambitious and exciting tourism project to date. Located on over 28,000 square kilometers of pristine land, water and archipelago, this site will be home to the new standard in regenerative luxury tourism, with every element of the traveler’s visit — from airport to hotels to entertainment ventures to waste management facilities — accounted for. Surrounding this hotbed of grandeur is nature’s playground: mountain canyons, dormant volcanoes and ancient culture and heritage sites are all just waiting to be explored. 

Want to be in the know for when the Red Sea Project will officially debut? Ready to get a head start on adventuring through the Saudi countryside? If you audibly said yes to either, then give one of our travel agents a call. Just like maybe you shouldn’t be the one behind the steering wheel when driving a dune buggy down a massive sand dune, it pays dividends to trust a professional to plan your Saudi getaway. After all, this is a country still finding its footing in regard to tourism; having a trusted travel agent on your side all but ensures that your trip is full of the right kind of thrills.

Connect with a travel agent today to get started planning your adventure to Saudi Arabia.  

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