11/2/2022     by Justin Gibson

Perusing the Wonders Around Lima, Peru

Whether you’re discovering the Sechura Desert, the Amazon rainforest, the Andes Mountain range, ancient Inca ruins or stretches of pristine coastline, Peru is an enchanting country through and through. Somehow, each new scene puts your place in time into perspective — every new discovery a reminder of the grand scale of existence stretching before and after your moment right now. But! Off beyond the tried-true-staples of Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley are other goosebump-inducing sites well worth a visit. Consider seeing the following for yourself on your next trip to Peru.

Nazca Lines

Etched into the high desert of northern Peru are the Nazca Lines — massive shapes and figures mysteriously carved into the rust-colored ground. Modern scientists didn’t even realize they formed images until the advent of flight. While on the ground you might notice these geoglyphs align with certain astronomical events, but from the sky you’ll spy trapezoids, swirls, a hummingbird, a spider and a monkey. Wherever you view them from, the result is awe. How did they construct these way back when?

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Viewing the Nazca Lines from a lookout point provides a glimpse at the bigger picture.

"The best part is this is just one day of your vacay; every day brings with it a new adventure."

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Tambo Colorado is one of the best preserved Inca ruins in the world.

Tambo Colorado

While not as well known as the likes of Machu Picchu or Ollantaytambo, Tambo Colorado is one of the best-preserved Inca ruins in the world. Located in the Paracas desert, this once-thriving metropolis now houses pristine archeological finds — such as indoor plumbing (far superior to anything the Europeans had at the time), an ancient hot tub (Inca emperors — they loved hot soaks just as much as we do!) and original paint on the plaster walls. With the ruins so well preserved, your exploration here feels like time travel … as if, at any moment, you’ll turn the corner and find Tambo Colorado is still a thriving settlement of the Inca empire.

Paracas National Reserve

Stretching along Peru’s south coast, Paracas National Reserve spans ocean, desert and islands. Nestled within those 827,000 acres are hauntingly stunning coastal scenes unrivaled anywhere else in the world. Every jaw-dropping view in this reserve quickly turns into a game of I-spy wildlife, as the reserve is teeming with species that call Paracas home — 216 species of birds, 16 types of mammals and 10 species of reptiles, to be exact. Out there, witnessing pink flamingos speckle the water’s edge or Humboldt penguins mingle with leatherback turtles will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Pelicans in Paracas National reserve.

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