by Justin Gibson

Virgin Voyage’s Benefits of Loyalty

If you’ve experienced the world of cruising lately, then you’ve likely caught wind of Virgin Voyagers making waves. After all, it’s not often that an exclusively adult cruise line launches two award-winning ships in the span of just nine months. But Virgin Voyages doesn’t plan to stop there — they’re revolutionizing rewards programs next. Introducing the most lucrative rewards program at sea: Virgin Voyages Sailing Club.

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What We Know So Far

With the official launch of Virgin’s program slated for 2023, full details are a mystery for now, and thus hotly anticipated.

“This brand was built on innovation, so we’re taking a truly unique approach and developing a program that will give Sailors a taste of what’s to come while rewarding those who’ve supported the brand all along,” said Nirmal Saverimuttu, president and chief experience officer. “I’ve met so many incredible Sailors — many who’ve voyaged with us more than 10 times since we’ve launched — and this new program is a thank-you for their commitment. We’d also love their help in shaping the future and are seeking their ideas to create a game-changing loyalty program they’ll fall in love with.”

However, Virgin has teased out some tantalizing facts, such as two perks that travelers are eligible for right now, as well as three different ways to unlock them.

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Perk 1: Sail in 2022 with Deep Blue Extras

Their first perk is bound to elevate an already sumptuous sailing to new heights of luxury. Titled Deep Blue Extras, this collection of perks includes (but is not limited to) access to an exclusive cocktail event, access to dedicated Sailor Services support while onboard and a bottle of Moët & Chandon to enjoy at your leisure. When your cruise is already the epitome of relaxed luxe, it’s the little things that take the experience to the next level.

Perk 2: Book in 2022 with Red Hot Booking Bonus Months

Everyone loves bonuses. Bonuses to your salary. Bonuses on a pizza order. Bonuses to your credit card rewards! Why wouldn’t you love a bonus to your cruise loyalty program? With the Red Hot Booking Bonus Months, you can rack up additional perks — such as exclusive onboard credit and token accelerators that help guarantee the highest benefits in 2023 — by booking any new paid sailing in 2022. You’re basically being rewarded to vacation with more vacations!

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3 Different Ways to Unlock These Perks

Just like the menus at any of the onboard specialty eateries, you’ve got options when it comes to unlocking these perks. You could …

  • Take Advantage of the Match and Sea More Program: The piece de resistance. If you’re a rewards customer with another cruise line (or even certain airlines!), Virgin Voyages will match select benefits and provide even more starting the second you book your voyage.
  • Be a Sea-Blazer: This is the designated term for the folks who blazed a path by sailing with Virgin Voyages in 2021.
  • Be a Sea-Rover: If you’ve sailed with Virgin Voyages twice in the year 2022, you’re a Sea-Rover and you’re in!

Ready to set sail as one of Virgin Voyages’ treasured sailors? Our travel agents are ready to help you make the most of it. Not only are they well-equipped to help you handle all the travel leading up to (and returning home from) your cruise, but they’re also loaded with the professional expertise needed to guarantee your getaway surpasses your loftiest hopes and wildest dreams.

Connect with a travel agent today to make the most of Virgin Voyages incredible rewards program.



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