10/3/2022     by Justin Gibson

Cultural Gems of Lyon

For the uninitiated, the city of Lyon seems to live thoroughly in Paris’ shadow. For those in the know, Lyon is a hub of culture that glows with its own brilliance — and has since the Roman times. Its accolades are many: the French capital of gastronomy, the historic powerhouse of silk production and the designation of being one large World Heritage Site. There’s more to see in a free afternoon here than we could hope to list … but for a dose of world-class culture of the highest order, consider checking out some of the gems below.
The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

Artistic Genius, Both Old and New

Museum lovers rejoice — Lyon has plenty to choose from. The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon makes its home in a 17th-century palace, and aptly holds a royal collection. A who’s-who of European painters fills the walls here, with Rubens, Rembrant, Gauguin and Delacroix all having works displayed. Additionally, there’s an impressive cache of Picasso’s paintings, Rodin’s sculptures, Islamic art and Egyptian antiquities — allowing you to spend an afternoon perusing artistic greatness through the ages.

Alternatively, contemporary art museums hold a fresher take on art. And while all contemporary art museums house more modern and eccentric works, few lend themselves to the creation of experiencing contemporary art the way Musée d'art Contemporain de Lyon does. The museum only shows art that was created on-site, and artists are invited to conjure their masterpieces with the museum at their full disposal. With this museum housing no permanent exhibits, every visit provides a glimpse of brilliance — a one-time witnessing of creative genius that can never be exactly replicated or repeated.

A stretch of stunning architecture along the Confluence's waterfront.

The Confluence

Bucking the trend we’ve established so far, the Confluence is not a museum of past works, but rather a section of city dreaming of what urban life could be in the future. Located where Lyon’s two rivers converge, this less-than-one-square-mile utopia is a living experiment in what urban community can be. Abundant solar panels meld with contemporary architecture, public green spaces adorn the riverbanks and folks from all walks of life enjoy the breezy shopping mall and chic bistros. Think of it as a living work of art — a masterpiece of civic planning.

Lyon, France

A Bespoke Way to Discover Lyon …

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