by Justin Gibson

The Flavorful Delicacies of Puerto Vallarta

The cuisine of Mexico is a lot like its beaches — sun-kissed, swimming in tropical fruits and seasoned as if by sea breeze. While just about any dish is going to be paradise for your taste buds, nothing is going to be quite as authentic as the fresh wares of a farmer’s market. And nowhere in Mexico has a farmer’s market scene quite like Puerto Vallarta. Often described as the country’s must-visit foodie destination second only to Mexico City, the dishes housed within the shops and stalls sprinkled about are certain to delight. Here’s a handful of our favorite delicacies to keep an eye out for.

Birria Tacos

Sure, you may be familiar with your local taco joint’s take on birria tacos, but that doesn’t mean you’ve had birria tacos. Here, a meat stew — usually beef, but oftentimes goat or lamb instead — is marinated in a sumptuous medley of local herbs, spices and chilis. Once the meat is so soft and tender it’s ready to deconstruct with a single poke of a fork, it’s placed within a freshly cooked tortilla and showered with chopped onions, coriander, lime and salsa. Make sure you ask for some of the birria broth on the side to dip your tacos into. Locals love this a breakfast or brunch choice, so fuel up for your day with these from a stand first thing in the morning.

Travel Leaders Image
Chef displays birria street tacos


While it may not have originated here, any coastal town worth their catch is going to master ceviche pretty quick; Puerto Vallarta mastered it. Ceviche is some combination of raw fish, octopus and shrimp cured in citrus juices, herbs, chilis, chopped onions and other seasonings. You can expect to find it served on top of a crispy tostada and accompanied by an array of salsas. Consider it the perfect midday pick-me-up as a pause from perusing shopping stalls.

Travel Leaders Image
Tuna Ceviche Tostada


Tuba Drink

The perfect thirst-quencher whether you’re shopping, strolling or lounging, tuba is too unique to pass up. It starts with a “tubero” climbing a coconut palm and harvesting the coconuts. A special container is placed where the coconuts were cut to collect the sap. That sap is then mixed with water, apple cider vinegar, walnuts and chunks of apple. The final product is a sweet and sour delight, ideal for beating the heat.

Travel Leaders Image
Tuba drink begins with fresh coconuts

Tortas Ahogadas

Colloquially known as “drowned sandwiches,” these scrumptious sandwiches will have you questioning why this has been missing from your life until now. The bread (bolillo) is a kind called birote, and it’s saltier than its traditionally sweet counterparts. Nestled inside the birote is fried pork “drowned” in a spicy tomato and chili broth and accompanied with pickled red onions and lime. As a staple of Puerto Vallarta cuisine, this is a must-try — consider a second lunch.

Travel Leaders Image
Delicious 'drowned sandwiches'



Again, you might think you know what a michelada is, but trying one locally in Puerto Vallarta will have you reassessing what you know. A michelada is the perfect beachside beverage: beer is mixed with tomato juice, lime juice, spices and chili peppers. The result is then served in a chilled glass, rimmed with lime and chili flakes. Additionally, the local twist is to top it off with a serving or fresh seafood and veggies on top, typically shrimp, cucumber and carrot. Sipping your michelada in time to the gentle lapping of waves on the beach is quite possibly the perfect end to a day spent savoring local cuisine.

Travel Leaders Image
Settle up seaside with an extra large michelada

Making the Most of an Epic Getaway

Once-in-a-lifetime vacations are a fine art. Balancing your hopes with the hype of a destination, navigating the byzantine rules and customs of international travel and simplifying the stress of bookings are all akin to the mastery of brushwork or the chiseling of marble. Our agents are certifiable masters of the craft, and they have help on the matter.

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Join a cooking class with Delta Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

Delta Vacations takes the typical dream getaway and elevates it to a realm uncharted by the typical travel booker. For example: can you imagine, built into your luxe getaway, a guided shopping tour through Puerto Vallarta’s farmer’s markets that concludes with utilizing your groceries in an intimate cooking lesson from a professional chef in their very own home? That’s just one flavor of how Delta Vacations goes above and beyond in delivering world-class travel — there is no wrong way to travel, but a flight and hotel package from Delta Vacations will certainly have you thinking, “this is better.”


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