by Amy Mutscher

Chart Your Path Across Yellowstone National Park

Erupting geysers, bubbling mud pools, ancient calderas and geothermal springs make this, literally, one of the hottest places on earth. Yellowstone National Park is one of the world’s most beloved destinations for an adventurous getaway. The park was established in 1872 as a wilderness preserve, but the area has hosted visitors for more than ten thousand years as evidenced by archeological sites and oral histories. Lace up your boots and explore some of the country’s most spectacular natural wonders, including rushing waterfalls, breathtaking vistas and roaming wildlife. Check out our rundown of the best ways to enrich your visit and enjoy all that Yellowstone has to offer.

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Grizzly Bear

Wildlife Search

Stay alert for bears, wolves, elk and bison as you make your way around the park. Anytime you see a collection of cars along the side of the road and people staring into the woods with cameras and binoculars, you can be sure you’ve stumbled across a sighting. If you’re lucky, you might find yourself stuck in a bison traffic jam as the herd makes its way across the road.


Grand Prismatic

One of the park’s most photographed sites is the Grand Prismatic spring. You can view this awesome spectacle two ways. Walk the boardwalk along its edge and feel the thermal steam as the wind carries it across your path or hike about a mile up a gently sloped hill to get a bird’s-eye view of the distinctive azure water in the center of America’s largest natural hot spring.

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Grand Prismatic


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Excelsior Geyser

Blue Springs

Have a look at deep blue thermal springs without the crowds at the West Thumb Geyser Basin. It may not have an enviable name like Grand Prismatic, but the views are remarkably similar if at a smaller scale. This easy, level walking trail on the shores of scenic Lake Yellowstone showcases its own collection of colorful hot springs worthy of a lingering look.


Iconic Landmark

You simply must see the Old Faithful geyser blast its blazing hot spring water high into the air during your visit to Yellowstone, and there are many vantage points from which to view this historic eruption. You’ll find plenty of bench seating near the visitor’s center for those who need a break from all the walking, and a National Park Service guide is usually on hard to interpret the experience. Or stroll the loop around the famous thermal feature pausing at the right time to take in the spectacular display.   

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Old Faithful


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Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Yellowstone has its own Grand Canyon, and the valley views along the Yellowstone River are an awesome sight to see. With a number of outlooks perched along each side of the river, you can see the falls from above, nearby and then at a distance as you make your way downstream. Take a good look around as you enter or exit each parking area as wildlife may be in the area.


We’ll Customize Your Adventure

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