by Amy Mutscher

New Go Green and Beyond Blueprints Tours

Shore excursions give you the amazing opportunity to dive deeper into a destination and learn about its history, culture and people. While you may think all shore excursions are the same, think again. Oceania Cruises has unveiled two new shore excursion series – Go Green and Beyond Blueprints. These were created to provide curious travelers with even more options for discovery, exploration and personal connections with the destinations visited.
Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica

Go Green Tours

On Go Green tours, you’re invited to engage with residents and businesses to learn about how they are working to conserve and sustain their surrounding environment. The tours, many of which provide an educational element, offer you the opportunity to take part in a variety of experiences, such as visiting a sustainable vineyard in Almeria, Spain; learning the fascinating aspects of hydroponic farming in the rainforests of St. Kitts; discovering the world of eco-conscious art in Buenos Aires, Argentina; visiting a sanctuary for sloths that have been orphaned or injured or lost their habitat due to deforestation in Costa Rica; or imbibing in zero-emission rum in the world’s only carbon-free distillery in Dartmouth, United Kingdom.

Go Green tours span a wide variety of destinations across Africa, Alaska, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Northern Europe and South America. Our travel agency can help you choose from more than 150 Go Green tours, finding the ones that best align with your interests.

MUCEM in Marseille, France

Beyond Blueprints Tours

The Beyond Blueprints tours offer a rare and in-depth look behind the scenes at some of the world’s most iconic architectural landmarks, such as The Royal Library and The Blue Planet aquarium in Copenhagen, Denmark; the Equinor office building and the Munchmuseet in Oslo, Norway; and La Villa Mediterranée and MUCEM in Marseille, France.

Oceania Cruises features 10 Beyond Blueprints tours in Europe for 2022 and plans to unveil additional tours around the globe throughout the year. All of these fascinating encounters will offer special, little-known stories and information from insightful guides about the inspiration, reasoning and genius that brought these marvels to life. Other Beyond Blueprints tours focus on sites in Barcelona, Spain; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Glasgow, Scotland; La Coruna, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; and Sete, France.


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