by Amy Mutscher

Which European cruise is right for you?

Sail the sparkling Mediterranean, cruise majestic Norwegian fjords or bounce around the British Isles in the comfort of a 5-star hotel at sea. Taste of a number of European treasures with a luxury ship as your home base. You’ll be able to focus on exploration, discovery and cultural immersion when you leave the logistics to the cruise line. Which European itinerary is right for you?

Irresistible Mediterranean

Sun-kissed beaches, dramatic landscapes and delicious cuisine are the hallmarks of a Mediterranean cruise. Island hop through Greece or around a handful of countries set along the Mediterranean Sea and make the most of your time in the region all from the comfort of your indulgent accommodations.

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Scooter tour near the Roman Colosseum

Marvel at the ancient architecture at popular sights like the Acropolis, the Roman Colosseum or Dubrovnik’s Old City. For a taste of the Old World, sample dishes like authentic paella in Spain, fresh pasta in Italy or moussaka in Greece.

Natural Scandinavia

Embark on a Scandinavian adventure with a cruise to ports like Oslo, Stockholm or Helsinki. Summer sailings take advantage of the region’s long days giving you light skies into the late evening.

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Helsinki, Finland
If adventure is your goal, consider a kayaking tour in the fjords, hiking to a majestic viewpoint or a trek to Briksdal Glacier. Delve into Viking history, sample local microbrews and photograph picturesque towns where you can marvel at the mountainous landscape. A trip through Scandinavia’s waterways with stops at charming seaside villages will give you a true sense of ‘hygge’ – gentle, soothing comfort.

Historic British Isles

Majestic castles and historic monuments await you on a cruise among the legendary British Isles. Follow the steps of Kings and Queens with a visit to the Tower of London, Malahide castle in Ireland or Belfast Castle in Northern Ireland.

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Belfast Castle, Northern Ireland

Spy the White Cliffs of Dover, stroll charming Cobh, Ireland with its colorful row houses and visit Ireland's oldest city, Waterford, founded by Vikings in 914 A.D. Treat yourself to a veranda cabin and soak in the salt air and breathtaking sunsets each evening as you progress along the coastline.

Indulgent Accommodations

Thrilling days of discovering the Old World deserve an equally amazing place to recharge. Celebrity’s spacious accommodations offer endless perks, artful surroundings and exclusive privileges to transform your stay into a lifetime memory.

Celebrity has more late-night departures and overnight stays than any other contemporary cruise line which gives you more time to immerse yourself in each port. Warm, welcoming suites aboard Celebrity ships include Concierge Class staterooms with a team of dedicated professionals at your disposal. With indulgent home-away-from-home comfort, you’ll spend each night in plush bedding and restful ease and wake up each morning refreshed and ready to explore.

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Aquaclass Balcony

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