by Jonathan Hermann

The Thinking Person’s Cruise®

Set sail with Viking — The Thinking Person’s Cruise®, a culturally rich, immersive experience designed to help you explore and engage with your destination.

Cultural Immersion at its Finest

Viking — whether they are on the majestic rivers of the world or plying the deep ocean waters — are many things, but they do not try to be all things to all people. Instead, they focus on delivering meaningful experiences to you.

On these voyages, you will find no casinos, no children under 18, no umbrella drinks, no pushy photography sales or art auctions, no charge for beer and wine with lunch and dinner, no charge for Wi-Fi, no stuffy inside staterooms, no smoking, no waiting in lines, no formal nights or pretentious butlers, and especially no nickel and diming.

Strolling through the Castle District in Budapest, Hungary
Instead, a Viking cruise is a thoughtful, well-designed experience, one that includes more features and services than others. These include a complimentary shore excursion in every port of call, free Wi-Fi, visits to UNESCO sites, enrichment lectures and destination performances, included port taxes and fees and more.

Viking also brings you closer to the cultures of the world with destination-focused itineraries across seven continents. They call this The Thinking Person’s Cruise®, a sailing filled with like-minded travelers and culturally rich, immersive experiences designed to help you explore and engage with your destination.

So why call it The Thinking Person’s Cruise®? Before you depart, Viking provides you with inspiration and insight through a comprehensive list of movies sure to complement your travel experience. In addition, they’ll give you reading recommendations, cultural profiles and videos to help you delve more deeply into your destinations — all produced to provide insight into the different cultures and places you will encounter on your journey.

On board, every detail on a Viking ship is designed to enrich and enhance your travel experience, helping you fully immerse yourself in the rich cultures you are visiting. From their thoughtfully curated library and the insights of guest lecturers to regional cuisine and vintages from your destinations, Viking helps you connect to your destination in every possible way.

Great Wall
Private guided tour of the Great Wall of China

On shore, the Viking Way® of exploration takes you deeper, offering behind-the-scenes insights and opportunities. While they include the expected and iconic, such as visits to renowned museums and notable landmarks, they also offer Local Life, Working World and optional Privileged Access® experiences in places otherwise difficult to visit.

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