by Jonathan Hermann

Why cruisers also love resorts

For cruise lovers who set sail every year, you have a tough choice to make. Do you stick with a cruise in 2021, unsure when your favorite cruise line will sail again or wondering if your preferred voyage will fill up too quickly due to limited capacity? Or do you opt for another, similar option? Here are six reasons why an all-inclusive resort vacation should be your next choice.


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Some people are cruisers — we get that. There’s a lot to love about cruising, from the ease of seeing multiple locations while only unpacking once, to having everything you could need or want right on board. However, as the COVID epidemic continues to cause waves across the cruising industry, many annual cruisers are turning their vacation eyes more and more to all-inclusive resorts.

But how do they stack up? Cruising and land-based vacations are inherently different, yet not without similarities. In fact, there are numerous ways that all-inclusive resorts are actually preferred over cruising. For comparison’s sake, we’ll focus on Le Blanc Spa Resorts, two adults-only, all-inclusive resorts in Cancun and Los Cabos, showing here six ways that they surpass any cruising experience.

Your favorite wines and beers are all included.

All Inclusive is Key

Many cruise lines expect you to pay more for their drink package and specialty restaurants, as well as some onboard activities. Most resorts do not. In fact, at Le Blanc Spa Resorts, they believe you can never have too much of a good thing, so they surround their guests with lavish accommodations, 24-hour room service, world-class dining, wireless Internet, even bottles of top-shelf spirits in your room — all included in the price of your stay.

Relax in your spacious Royal Deluxe Suite

Rooms are Larger, More Luxurious

Cruise lines have come a long way in recent years as modern ships include two-story mega-suites. But most cruisers find themselves in ocean view rooms or balcony suites that measure south of 300 square feet. Rooms at Le Blanc Spa Resorts are all over 400 square feet, with some exceeding 1,000, complete with BVLGARI® bath amenities, a fully-stocked minibar, a welcome bottle of tequila and red wine, personalized butler service, pedestal tubs and more. Oh, and each resort room has its own iron and ironing board — something you just don’t find on a cruise ship.

Spend a blissful hour in the hydrotherapy room

Relaxing Activities

As cruise ships become more like floating amusement parks, for better or worse, they place a premium on the number of activities you can enjoy while on board as well as shore excursions at each port. Since luxury all-inclusive resorts like Le Blanc Spa Resorts are peaceful havens, they don’t have a go-cart track or gargantuan waterslides. But they do include a fitness center and exercise classes, as well as off-site tours that will have you marveling at Maya monuments, snorkeling in turquoise waters and swimming with dolphins.

Adults-only means no kids and plenty of space

Adults-Only is the Only Way

We go on vacations mainly to relax and reconnect with an inner sense of wellness. That is much easier to do at an adults-only resort, like Le Blanc Spa Resorts, than on cruise ships that range from floating playgrounds packed with kids to upscale ships complete with board kids. Not that there is anything wrong with kids on cruise ships — for many families, that’s the reason they choose to cruise. But for those who seek a serene oasis by the sea, the less loud voices the better.

Mimosas at the beach

The Motion of the Ocean

No matter how technologically advanced the cruise ships’ stabilizers are, you’re going to feel the ship rocking throughout your voyage. Many people become accustomed to this within the first few hours on board, but not everyone. Le Blanc Spa Resorts sit solidly by the ocean, not on it, allowing you to listen to the peaceful waves break upon the sandy shore. The only time you feel the waves is when you go swimming in the warm ocean waters.

Never over-crowded, your resort gives you all the space you need

Peace of Mind

In the open air and beneath the warm tropical sun, resorts have an easier time keeping their properties clean and safe. In fact, Le Blanc Spa Resorts’ brand-new program, Purely Le Blanc, goes beyond the already stringent quality controls and health measures in place. It includes the implementation of more than 140 preventative actions to assure everyone’s health and safety, including a Purely Le Blanc health certification in every room on arrival, guaranteeing its complete disinfection.

Plus, Le Blanc Spa Resorts’ flexible booking program offers you the freedom to modify the dates of all existing and new reservations at any of their properties at the same rate and under the same conditions as the original reservation. No penalties for date changes will apply. Reservations may also be deferred to 2021. In such cases, any rate difference between the original booking and 2021 date will apply.

To book the Le Blanc Spa Resort that’s right for you, contact your travel professional today.

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