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Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons
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When it comes to your destination wedding or honeymoon, it’s so much more than a romantic getaway. It’s an experience that involves years of dreams, many Pinterest ideas and opinions from those we love.

We know that each destination wedding and honeymoon should be as individual as you are, whether you see yourself barefoot on a beach, the waves of the Caribbean rhythmically crashing behind you, or at a French vineyard amid grapes and vintages you can’t wait to drink.


Destination Weddings

For decades now, destination weddings have helped couples escape the limited options of the typical hometown wedding package to embrace the dream-fulfilling, anything-is-possible sense of freedom the world at large provides.

Don’t become the travel planner for your party, let an expert handle those details.

  • Coordinating flight times and pick up services
  • Managing hotel rooms and group discounts
  • Assisting with finding the right resort package or custom location
  • Handling last minute travel questions and issues from the group
  • Ensures you have all the appropriate legal documents

Destination weddings are a chance to get away with your closest friends and family to create a lifetime of memories. Don’t spend your time managing their travel! Instead focus on working with a travel agent to find the perfect location, exciting excursions and ways to unwind that fit everyone’s budget.



Do you want a mountain right outside your door or a pristine beach without another soul for miles? Do you want be surrounded by partygoers at 2 a.m. or would you rather relax together in a quiet room?

Just as you did with the wedding, pick three or four non-negotiable items as a baseline for all your choices. If a location doesn’t allow you to swim with dolphins or sleep with the windows open to hear the ocean waves, then you can cross it off and feel good about your choice.

A great travel agent is going to ensure your non-negotiables happen, while saving you days of Internet research and likely scoring you a better deal in the process.

  • Provides insider knowledge about potential locations
  • Helps narrow the options based on timeframe, budget and activities
  • Scores extras with resorts and cruise lines due to professional connections
  • Manages all your travel arrangements while you focus on the wedding checklist
  • Remembers the little things you might forget, like a pick up from the airport

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At Travel Leaders we know your destination wedding and honeymoon are more than just vacations. We go above and beyond to ensure they’re exactly what you’ve envisioned and easier than you imagined.

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