Susan Thomas

Old Hickory, Tennessee Travel Agent

Brandywine Travel Agency Inc, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Europe, Africa and Middle Eastern Specialist

Kings College, Cambridge  a fascinating city!
Kings College, Cambridge a fascinating city!

I am delighted to return to the Travel Industry, after working for the Federal Government for a number of years.   I am English by birth, emigrated to the USA as an adult and now have US citizenship. I first started working part time in the travel industry in 1996 as an antidote to my full time job!  I became an outside agent for a Travel Agency in the Washington DC area, worked for Continental Airlines as a gate agent, and, after already achieving an MBA,  I earned an Associates degree in Travel and Tourism, which was so much fun!   I then joined the Foreign Service in the US government, and had the opportunity to live and work in many countries overseas.   I have lived and worked in Iraq, paddled and played in the River Tigress, and travelled to many of the ancient sites from Basrah to Erbil.  I have lived in Southern Africa and driven through Kruger Park enjoying a safari on my way to pick up groceries, driven past herds of elephant, zebra and kudoo, watched the crocodiles and hippos cool off in the rivers, walked though the tall grasses as rhinos stood nearby, rode ATVs though the forests and watched the giraffes munch on the acacia leaves in the valley below,  and of course, hiked through the soaking spray of Victoria Falls at the Zambia and Zimbabwe border.  I have lived in the Philippines and took the opportunity to travel to Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tibet.   I have  travelled by train in the formerly wealthy area of Rajistan in India, completed the Golden Circle, visited the Taj Mahal and sat on the bench where Princess Diana looked so forlorn and alone!  I can provide a “locals knowledge” for many of these countries and have experienced many of the tourist attractions.   I took the opportunity to travel far and wide whenever I could.  Sharing stories of my adventures and encouraging others to discover the fascinating world in which we live is one of my favorite pastimes.