Sue Slater

St. Louis, Missouri Travel Agent
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Sue Slater

Sue Slater

St. Louis, Missouri Travel Agent
An independent agent with Travel Leaders in Albertville, MN
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Your Travel Planning Specialist!

My name is Sue Slater. I have been a travel agent for going on 16 years. I started in 2000 with just a passion for travel and a love of people! I had been planning my friends and family’s travels and vacations for many years. I had a degree in social work, psychology, business and advertising and had been looking for something to do from home.

My husband was looking through a travel magazine and aid, “I haveI have found the perfect job for you! It was made for you and he was right. Over the last 15 years, I have done many conferences, site visits and traveled all over the world!

My husband, Larry, who has a day job, has taken all of the training and classes with me. Today, I am a knowledgeable and experienced travel professional having certifications, in Hawaii, Europe, all of the cruise lines, all of the major all inclusive resorts, have a certified Sandals card, and have an EEc card with CLIA, and am a destination wedding and honeymoon specialist having sent around one thousand couples on honeymoons and done over a hundred destination weddings.

I have personally been on 32 cruises and have traveled to every Eastern, Western, and southern Caribbean island. Have traveled to Alaska twice, and to all of the major islands in Hawaii. I have been to Spain, France, Portugal, Venice, Italy and 6 Greek I and Ireland islands along with Athens. In December I will be doing something on my bucket list, going half way around the Panama Canal.

I have done all of this being completely blind from a hereditary eye disease and working with a screen reader that converts text to speech and my computer, lap top and I phone. I travel using my other senses, and have almost a photographic memory. I write and talk as if I can see all of the destinations I have experienced and am a detail person.

I work with all budgets and tailor the vacation to the budget. I am dedicated, and can be reached from 9 am to 11 pm daily and have been known to be up at 2 am in the morning to call Hawaii or Europe to fix a problem.

I treat every client as if they were my only one and make their travel experience

My hobbies are reading, mysteries in particular, music of all kinds, plays and musicals, trivia, and of course travel, travel, travel! I have been married for 33 years and have 2 grown kids, a daughter in law and the two apples of my life, Maddie who is 4 and Logan who will be turning 7!

I am on planes a minimum of 12 to 14 times a year and call Texas my second home as my aunt, relatives and family live there. My daughter lives in Denver with her partner.

Some of my favorite experiences were walking around Burono and Murono using a water bus, seeing a 3 year old chasing a pigeon with a net while his parents were calling him back, seeing a man on a bench in Venice with bread crumbs all over his shoulders and arms so the pigeons could feed off of him, driving along the coast line of Maui while golfers, snorkelers and surfers were visible in the water.

I have gone up an arctic mountain in Juno and walked up the last the 100 feet of a 600 foot mountain overlooking the whole island of Juno and spent 3 hours touring the original Olympic village built in 4 bc.

Being that I am blind, I have been allowed to touch 100 year old carpets and drapes, feel the carvings on furniture from before the civil war and felt many beautiful sculptures while people were describing them to me!

My motto is “Anyone can travel, no matter their limitations with the right do arounds.
I am a perfect example of that!

If anyone reading my profile wants a unique travel experience tailored built for them, then they can contact me at my land-line 314 726 6893, or on my cell or with a text at 314 541 8400 or through an email at [email protected]

If you want to see some of my travel experiences that I have written about, just go up to my blog site at


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