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Michelle Bates

Davis, California Travel Agent

Caribbean and Hawaii Travel Expert

I aim to bring youth back to the travel industry! As a kid, my dad and I would collect stamps that he got from around the world. He was a world traveler, and I pride myself for continuing in his footsteps. I eventually set out on a journey to truly discover myself, and by the end, I had explored over 40 countries on six continents. Now, I am a proud travel agent with a love for adventure and the skills to prepare all types of vacations! I specialize in Mexico, the Caribbean, Thailand, Europe, and Australia and focus on all types of travelers. I have booked stays in all-inclusive resorts, luxury cruises, and multi-destination vacations for groups of all sizes. I love learning about my client’s goals and do everything I can to make them beyond satisfied. I can help you relax at a perfect beachside resort, experience unique cultural excursions, and discover new destinations in unforgettable ways. I want to help all of my clients have life-changing trips that are culturally enriching and enjoyable. Traveling is my greatest passion, and it runs through my mind at all times. I want you to love every moment of your vacation, and I will do everything to make your trip incredible. With my professional experience, I will: Prepare a personalized vacation based on your interests, Assist with all bookings and documents, Be available at all times to help, Help with any changes or requests, And more! I want you to return home more relaxed than ever and more knowledgeable about your destination. I can also recommend activities and routes that are catered to you so you maximize your time and enjoyment abroad. I continue to gain new certifications to ensure you always get the best customer service. I want you to be relaxed and excited for your vacation from day one, and I will always listen to you so your trip is unique and amazing! We all deserve to see every inch of the world. Contact me today to make it happen!

My Travel Experiences

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Disney World May 2017
Royal Botanical Garden
Sydney, Australia 2016/2017 Holidays
Iceland January 2017