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Yvonne Wilbraham

Davis, California Travel Agent

International Travel Specialist

Entrance Nusa Dua Beach Hotel - Bali
Entrance Nusa Dua Beach Hotel - Bali

I have worked in the travel industry for over 35 years and will probably continue to work in the same industry until I retire! During the past 35 years I have traveled extensively and have lived in Indonesia, The Netherlands, Portugal, England and Italy. Each place I have visited has something unique to offer and I have several favorite destinations. Places I have visited: Bali, Indonesia is probably my favorite Island. The Balinese people are so humble and genuine. Italy is my favorite destination in Europe as the culture and history is so rich. I lived in Florence for five years and even purchased a home in the "Tuscany" area and started making my own wine! Nepal is the most fascinating country I have visited. I had the opportunity to stay at "Tiger Tops" which is located in the Chitwan National Park and personally saw a "Bengal Tiger". Could not believe what a beautiful animal "Bengal" tigers are. I also trekked for ten days on one of the mountains located near Kathmandu and had my own personal "Sherpa". I also had the opportunity to ride on an elephant and fortunately my elephant was very accommodating! Rio de Janeiro is a captivating and intriguing city. I have never encountered so many different nationalities get along with each other so well. I love Asia and have visited exotic destinations such as: Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia on several occasions. The Asian people make you feel at home and their hospitality is heart-warming. When visiting Israel I had the opportunity to visit "Golan Heights" and ended up dodging bullets flying in all different directions! When exploring, one of the "Pyramids" in Egypt, I managed to get lost and I thought I would end up being "mummified" - lucky for me my tour guide found me! Traveling "broadens your horizons": I love working in the travel industry because it "broadens one's horizons". Learning and experiencing different cultures fascinates me. Visiting and actually living in a different country is not the same. I have learned a great deal about diversity and culture and it is through that experience that I have learned to value my own culture and to respect other "savoir -faire" equally. It is important travelers realize that the reason for traveling is to experience new adventures and to accept the way of life in each country: as is. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience all the wonderful and memorable times I spent in this fascinating world we live in. Travel is not the same as it was 20/30 years ago and it is becoming more difficult and challenging with all the unrest in this world; however, in my opinion, it is still the best way to experience culture and diversity. I look forward to arranging your dream vacation. In the meantime, as they say, in Italy " CIAO" for now.