Leigh Rainwater

Matthews, North Carolina Travel Agent

An independent agent with Travel Leaders in Albertville, MN,

France and Ireland Specialist

Traveling across Europe and North America throughout my life, I want to help people feel as excited about their own adventures. Maybe you want to go somewhere new or return to a much loved destination and see it in a new way. I know I have as much fun going to see an old friend as I do meeting new ones. From lone country roads in Ireland to hiking far above the Adriatic Sea in the Cinque Terre to sipping champagne in front of the D'Orsay Museum, I can help you create your experience of a lifetime, or one of just many. Travel experiences create a constant level of excitement and thrill and add to your personal memories and experiences. Collectively, I have traveled to 40 states, 3 continents and 23 countries. My career as a psychotherapist taught me to listen and help clients achieve and set goals in their lives, travel is no different. Travel goals can be as simple as rest and relaxation in the Finger Lakes region, to dining at a Michelin star restaurant in the south of France, walking along La Rambla in Barcelona, or kayaking on a white water rafting trip in Zimbabwe.

Five Decades of Disney

Canal St. Martin, Paris, France
Canal St. Martin, Paris, France

Beginning shortly after Disney World in Florida opened up, I have been to Disney every decade of my life even visiting Epcot the year it originally opened! Take advantage of traveling to Disney as a couple and see why Disney has a fan club of all ages!