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Rosalind Bigg

Norfolk, Virginia Travel Agent
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Rosalind Bigg

Rosalind Bigg

Norfolk, Virginia Travel Agent
Suite Integrity Travel, an independent agent with Travel Leaders Roswell, GA
Years of Experience: 8
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Exotic Destination Adventure Travel Specialist

I plan and escort group trips.  Some of my destinations have been (and/or will be again) Western Australia, Jordan, Chiapas, Patagonia, Alberta, Alaska, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, and the Caribbean.  Most of the highlights from my escorted trips will never make it onto an agenda or be posted to a social media account – by design.  I curate safe and transformative environments and experiences with which to process life’s vagaries, and I screen and sort accordingly.

A direct descendant of Ghanian aristocracy, and socialite at heart, I enjoy elevating experiences via energy-matching.  This is why curating groups holds dedicated space in my heart, and why I, or a trusted surrogate, escort them whenever possible. 

Recently, I’ve added “Hounsi,” “Director of Community Outreach,” and “Takoro,” to my list of titles, as well as being a founding member of “The Venus Society.”  This means that, moving forward, client’s will also have access to my spiritual and magical services (instruction, counselling, etc.), as well as opportunities to connect with other priests and priestesses of Black Spectrum Network.  The synergy and magic that we’ve been able to conjure before will feel light llghtwork, going forward. I upgrade = my trips upgrade.


Certifications & International Bucket Lists

Company Logo
Company Logo

My destination certifications are as follows:

- Alaska Specialist

- Jordan Specialist

- South Africa Specialist

- Magic of Mexico Specialist

- Greater Ft. Lauderdale Specialist

- VISIT FLORIDA Active Specialist

- AMAWaterways Specialist


Book with Confidence
Certified Active and Adventure Travel Specialist
Aussie Specialist (Tourism Australia)
Jordan Tourism Specialist
South Africa Specialist, (SA Tourism Board)
Jordan Specialist (Jordan Tourism Board)
Alaska Specialist (Alaska Tourism Board)
AMResorts Master Specialist

My Travel Stories

Untamed Lacandona 2015, Day 1

AdventureNEXT Near East - Jordan 2017

The relationship between the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and the Jordan Tourism Board birthed Jordan's inaugural AdventureNEXT Near East event for travel professionals. As a certified Jordan Tourism Specialist, I was pleased to be among the roughly 200 international delegates (media, travel agents, tour operators...) that were invited to attend this... Read more from my AdventureNEXT Near East - Jordan 2017 story.

Tour Operators: Yes, Please!

Tours I highly recommend them. Yes, I’m a millennial and I’m recommending escorted tours. I’m not talking about those double-deckers, hop on/hop off busses that we have in New York. Those “touristy” type of tours have their place, but do nothing for me personally. I recommend... Read more from my Tour Operators: Yes, Please! story.

Untamed Lacandona 2015, Day 1

Day 1 of Untamed Lacandona Day 1 began with a buffet breakfast, seemingly, in the middle of nowhere. After that, we took a short ride to Bonampak. Here, we saw the remnants of an old air landing strip. Literally, just a strip of cleared out land in which grass... Read more from my Untamed Lacandona 2015, Day 1 story.