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Lori Jones

San Angelo, Texas Travel Agent

An independent agent with InteleTravel.com in Delray Beach, FL, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Caribbean Cruise and Resort Specialist

Beaching in Cozumel, Mexico
Beaching in Cozumel, Mexico

Planning a vacation isn’t supposed to be stressful! You’re going on VACATION! But all of the research, and the preparations, and the little details, and the packing lists, and the travel documents… you’re stressing out just thinking about it! This is where I come in….

I’m a traveler myself. I’m a lover of anything with sunshine and palm trees and crystal clear blue water. And that’s why I love the Caribbean. It is simply paradise. There’s a gentle, salty breeze rustling brightly colored tropical plants. There’s cool, white sand under your feet to balance out the warm sunshine against your skin. And there’s turquoise blue water lapping lazily against the shore, the same color as the fruity umbrella-laden drink in your hand. THIS is how vacation is supposed to feel!!

If this is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. I am the owner of Deep Blue Travel Agency and I am a firm believer in the old asian proverb "Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times." Tell me where you want to go, or what you want to experience, and I will find it for you. Whether you have traveled all over the world, or have never left your hometown, I will personalize your vacation with the right resort or cruise or adventure tour to satisfy your desire to travel. Contact me now and let me take the stress out of planning your next vacation!