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Greenville, South Carolina Travel Agent
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Nancy Bender

Greenville, South Carolina Travel Agent
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Tahiti Specialist

Mount Otemanu in Bora Bora

After being a travel consultant for quite a few years now, I have to say I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have had to see and experience the world. Meeting so many interesting people from all over the globe has been truly unforgettable.Though my wanderings have taken me to many diverse places, no one area has affected my soul as much as the Islands of Tahiti. So much so that only a few months after my initial visit I was on my way back there again!

I spend quite a bit of time researching different areas of the world for my clients so I can recommend which itineraries, cruise ships, resorts, experiences, etc. will fit their personalities and dreams the best. It is impossible to know the world in great depth, so many travel consultants focus in on specific areas to be able to have the knowledge it takes to craft an experience for their clients that they aren’t even aware they desire. Typically a travel consultant will specialize in those areas they know the most about and are the most passionate about. For me, one of those areas is the Islands of Tahiti.

To be sure, there are many very beautiful places in the world, and many that I would return to again and again. I adore wandering through the streets in Italy, and am completely fascinated by the history there and throughout Europe. I love the many fascinating and unique islands of the Caribbean, the Islands of Hawaii, and also the multiple gorgeous areas of our own country. But, there is something about Tahiti and her sister islands Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, and Tahaa, that have taken a hold of my heart. I will never be able to escape the constant desire to return there over and over for the rest of my life.

The Beauty

The most overwhelming is the incredible, mind blowing beauty of the surroundings. I can’t even begin to compare it to anyplace else I’ve ever visited. There is a vibrancy about the blues, turquoises, and greens that I have never seen before. Looking out on the beautiful turquoise water is literally breathtaking. And you will never be the same after you see the gorgeous blue lagoons of Bora Bora! Indescribable!

The People

I met so many kind and lovely people. They are very friendly, helpful, sincere, and genuinely interested in the guests that come to their islands. The hospitality of the Tahitians is legendary. It is beyond expectation.

The Culture

It’s the very interesting Polynesian culture that is so rich and so evident everywhere you go. It has been passed down for generations through many oral traditions and is over 3000 years old. Watching them perform their dances, songs, and chants is riveting. (And the men are pretty easy on the eye too…but I digress!)

The Food

It has a strong French flair. This is something I did not expect at all ( I don’t know why I didn’t think about that as I was aware it is a French territory!). This translates into finding amazing food in many places like freshly-baked baguettes, fresh cheese, and just-picked fruit right at the local market. Some people travel here just for the food. It's definitely an underrated foodie destination!

The Location

It’s unique, it's off the beaten path, but yet not so far away. Eight hours from LAX doesn’t bother me at all. What’s eight hours when you are going to Paradise?? Add in a fun day wandering around LA a bit before flying to Papeete and it really isn’t bad. The visitors they receive in a year are equal to what Hawaii receives in seven weeks. The islands are not at all overbuilt and some places are still uninhabited and still untouched. In short, it is a dream destination and one that should definitely be on your list of places that must be visited in this very short time on earth that we all have. Once you experience it you will have felt its ‘Mana’, as the Tahitians call it. Mana is a life force, it is a spirit. Mana is also something you feel, taste, and see when you are in the Islands of Tahiti. Once you feel it, you will be completely captivated. It will live in your heart forever and it will be impossible to ever be the same. Whether you want to get your Mana flowing before your trip or want the power to come straight from the islands themselves, I can help you get there!



Certified ASTA Travel Agent

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Most relaxing get away from Covid!

Reviewed By Jared - Simpsonville, SC | Traveled to Jamaica ~ Caribbean
She was fantastic! We have used her twice now and will continue to do so.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Nancy Bender responded:
Thanks so much!
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Twenty-fifth anniversary get-away

Reviewed By Stephanie - Simpsonville, SC | Traveled to Montego Bay ~ Jamaica ~ Caribbean
My husband and I decided to book a last minute trip to the Caribbean, and we were referred by a friend to Nancy Bender. Nancy was an absolute pleasure to work with! Not only did she deal with us planning a trip on very short notice, but also with our very specific requests for the type of resort, type of room, activities, etc. Nancy worked quickly, diligently, and cheerfully! Communication was excellent with our many questions. Nancy is very knowledgeable and presented great options based on our requests and price category. I highly recommend Nancy and look forward to her planning our next romantic get-away. My husband and I loved allowing the pro to make all of the arrangements for us, because she thought of things we never would have. Nancy even checked on us after we arrived at the resort to make sure our arrival and check-in went well. Same thing after returned home. Customer satisfaction is truly Nancy’s goal.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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