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Baby Hensley

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Bohol, Phillipines
Bohol, Phillipines

Traveling is an adventure, each trip a new discovery and with extensive knowledge in planning, it is incredible, creating memorable vacations. Love it!

I have travelled to Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Taiwan, Japan, USA and counting.

I invite you now to discover with me the beauty of Asian countries and explore like the locals do. How about eating in Larsian? The barbeque station where locals and foreigners hang out in Cebu, Philippines? 

This year, the trip to Palawan was the highlight of nature! Underground cave and the blue waters is a must see. 

The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei was grand at night! It was grand at day too! I went twice to compare and enjoyed the pictures taken at both times.

The Gulangyu Island  island off the coast of Xiamen, a city in Fujian Province in southern China is a domestic tourist destination. I did a lot of walking because the only vehicles permitted in the island are small electric buggies and electric government service vehicles. I enjoyed the beach, the art works and souvenirs to bring home to share with families and friends.

Seeing the glaciers in New Zealand and stepping on it was amazing! With the awesome local guide, we were able to walk on the huge glacier, white and sparkly!

Did I mention that we went to watch the beautiful dancing in Rio and get to swim in Copacabana beach?

These are a few highlights of all travels made and I  love to share so others can enjoy traveling as I do especially Disney experience in Hongkong and Tokyo.