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Carmen Young

Jacksonville, Florida Travel Agent

An independent agent with Cruises & Tours, Unlimited in Jacksonville, FL, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Anguilla, Trinidad & Tobago, Florida Specialist

City Center @ Oyster Point NN Virginia
City Center @ Oyster Point NN Virginia

There is something about traveling and seeing the world that has always intrigued me. I love learning about different places and their cultures but most importantly I love meeting new friends. The thought of exploring new places really excites me! 

I have planned vacations for family and friends over the years and let me tell you I loved every minute of it, and so did they not only did I provide a peace of mind but I found the best value for the money. 

I have sent my clients to places such as Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Aruba just to name a few. I enjoyed it so much that I've turned my love of travel into something that I share with others and ignite a passion in them for travel.

I specialize in destination weddings and honeymoons, family vacations, cruises but I dont limit myself to just those, the world is too big for that!

I am a travel specialist for Anguilla, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Martinique to name just a few.

I love learning about new destinations and pass that knowledge down to my clients. It makes for better planning. Communication is key for a memorable vacation.

I look forward to speaking with you soon and to put you on the path of discovering your world!