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Charlene Pierson-Lassiter

Delray Beach, Florida Travel Agent

InteleTravel.com, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Caribbean, Europe & US Travel Expert

Enjoying Beautiful St. Maarten!
Enjoying Beautiful St. Maarten!

I began traveling when I was just four months old, and it’s been my passion ever since those early days of adventure! My dad was in the US Army and stationed in Germany when I was a kid, and we visited as much of Europe as we could. Even though I was too young to remember everything, it inspired me to see as much of the world as possible.

I then grew up in Charlotte, NC, and went into the Air Force right after college. I moved around all over the country to different bases, and I eventually decided to live in Virginia.

Today, I’m proud to help clients book their dream vacation! I focus on all types of vacations from family getaways to honeymoons, solo trips, multi-country journeys, and more!

I specialize in the Caribbean along with numerous other destinations including:

  •     France
  •     Germany
  •     Portugal
  •     Alaska
  •     Hawaii
  •     US National Parks
  •     Plus more!

My goal is to make planning your next vacation simple and stress-free. Booking on your own means having to guess about the best resorts and routes, but I will listen to you and find the perfect place that fits your style. Your vacation will be fully personalized so every moment is enjoyable and unforgettable!

I can find all-inclusive resorts that provide your favorite activities and book cruises with the best amenities. I can also help plan your time so you get to do everything you want without being rushed on your trip.

I have been on cruises to Alaska, long treks across Europe, and have moved on short notice to new states and countries. I know how to quickly prepare an exceptional itinerary that fits your desires and interests. Plus, I am available 24/7 so you always have assistance when you need it. Whether you want to change your plans during your trip, book an event, or have any type of question, I will always be there to help!

Let’s make your next vacation incredible! Contact me today to get started!