E J Howard

Orland Park, Illinois Travel Agent

An independent agent with InteleTravel.com in Delray Beach, FL, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Explore Europe and the Caribbean with PASSION

I can remember the first time I planned an exotic vacation to Mexico; how excited it was to actually travel outside the US and visit another country. It was a dream come true for me; someone who had never traveled farther than to my birthplace, a few hundred miles away by automobile.  I can still remember seeing La Quebrada Cliff Divers and riding bareback on a horse on the beach.

From Mexico it was on to London, England. I was able to visit the war rooms of Winston Churchill, to have dinner in ‘the real Buckingham Palace’, the cruise and the finest dining imagined on the River Thames and to see the Royal Guard up close.

And then on to St Johns US Virgin Islands relaxing from the calming breezes and the soothing music of the steel drums.  But the best experiences were visiting various cities in Germany.  Visiting Oktoberfest, driving the Autobahn, visiting Neuschwanstein Castle.

What made these dreams come true was my Travel Consultant. His name was Mark. What I learned was that travel was not just a journey: it is the EXPERIENCE.
Because of my personal experiences, I know what it takes to make your accommodations and experiences as unique and trouble-free as reasonably possible. 

While you can certainly make travel plans on the Internet, you will especially appreciate the ‘hands-on’ approach I take.  I work with trusted and experienced travel partners to be sure that every base is covered from start to finish. I want to help make your travel dreams come true.


Why I Became a Travel Agent

It's been said that if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

I never thought I could be a travel agent until I did some research and found that it was possible as a second career.  Since I am retired, I have the time to traiin and become certified by the best travel providers.

I have done many things in life; all which have contributed to my experiences today. Few things allow you to work and enjoy it at the same time. The best thing about travel for me is that you can try something new each time, and most always you will enjoy the experience each time.  I love to travel.