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Emilio Perito

Santa Fe Springs, California Travel Agent

An independent agent with Cruises & Tours, Unlimited in Jacksonville, FL, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Religious Travel & Customized Tour Specialist

I have been in the travel industry for past 37 years. My career started in 1979 when I joined Philippine Airlines and later Cathay Pacific Airways as a Reservation and Ticketing Agent, Check-in Counter Representative, and as a Tour Specialist. In between those years, I worked as an in-house Corporate Account Travel Specialist for Travel & Transport Service in Saudi Arabia. Later, after migrating to the United States, I was hired by RCT International, Los Angeles, a wholesaler, to oversee the group department handling 3 different carrier accounts.  It was during my employment with Cathay Pacific Airways, Los Angeles, when I gained much knowledge and skills in tours and group handling. I was one of the staff members assigned to establish the newly created tour department, which included creating department policies, developing pre-planned and customized tour packages, handling reservations, and providing technical support.

In addition, my passion for travel and experience in the field has inspired me so much that, years later, I opened my own travel agency - Air Plus Travel. I learned from my personal travels that sometimes there are unexpected obstacles that despite all the pre-planning don’t always happen as intended. However, I also learned that if the trip is carefully and meticulously planned, these unpleasant surprises could be eliminated if not avoided. A travel agent who is highly trained, knowledgeable and passionate about your travel experience can make or break the success of your travel plans. Also of importance is having an agent who understands the importance and value of long-lasting memories created in travel, including his/her willingness to spend time going over the details.

As an owner of Air Plus Travel, I personally involve myself in the overall preparation of the tour packages for our customers, whether it is in the stages of designing, planning and implementation of their travel experience. I highly stress quality services to ensure accuracy in planning and executing your travel plans. In most cases, when we have organized group travel, I personally accompany the group to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Holy Land & Rome Pilgrimage - October 18-29, 20115

Holy Land Pilgrimage - October 19-29, 2015
Holy Land Pilgrimage - October 19-29, 2015

From: Mr & Mrs. R Gonzalez

"Thank you Air Plus Travel for organizing such a wonderful trip and for being A part of this Religious Pilgrimage!"

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35+ Years of experience can't be beat

Reviewed By Kruiz - Los Angeles,ca | Traveled to
Emil has been in the travel industry for over 35+ years. He. Is very knowledgeable and a great travel agent. He took care of all the details for my trip and it was nice not having to worry about it. Just enjoyed my trip without all the hassle of planning all the details.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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The trip was enjoyable, knowledgeable & memorable

Reviewed By fe - California (CA) | Traveled to
Thanks Emil for that wonderful, memorable trip we had. Hope we can do it again in someday.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Group vacation planning made easy

Reviewed By karina_pangan@yahoo.com - Artesia, CA | Traveled to
Emilio is very knowledgeable and helpful! His experience in the travel industry has helped us get great deals without compromising our travel needs! He made planning for a large group trip to Mexico easy!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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