Rob Lennert

Wild Rose, Wisconsin Travel Agent

An independent agent with Modern Travel Professionals in Virginia Beach, VA, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Family Travel with teens To Disney Destinations

Once upon a time, several years ago, I set out to plan our family’s first vacation to Walt Disney World. I spent weeks and months searching the far reaches of the internet for all the information on “Doing Disney” that I could find. I spent months reading forum question and answers, pouring over people’s opinions and suggestions, scouring through anything I could find on the web. I ordered every Disney DVD, map, and brochure they would send me, consulting these items over and over again. I compared park hours, trends for line wait-times, read restaurant reviews, and inundated my family with choices and experiences they didn’t even know were possible.

My wife might have told you I was overly-obsessed and certifiably crazy at the time; but, looking back now, she would tell you my “obsessing over Disney” has made all the difference in many happy and smooth family vacations! She admits if she was in charge we would have shown up hoping to eat at restaurants that had been booked solid for months, missed rides and attractions we didn’t know existed, and squabbling amongst ourselves over which park to go to in a room that didn’t meet our needs.

Doing my research has helped me create vacation plans that have led to many happy family experiences. A good plan allows us to fit in everyone’s favorite activities and rides, eat our favorite foods, and then lets us relax in the best resort for our budget.

I would love to use my knowledge and experience to help you create memories for your family. Some of my fondest memories from childhood were of our family vacations and I want everyone to be able to give their family the same gift.