Tanya Brandt

Lena, Wisconsin Travel Agent
An independent agent with Cruises & Tours, Unlimited in Jacksonville, FL, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency
Tanya Brandt
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CERTIFICATES & AWARDS Certified in Retail Travel Sales

Tanya Brandt

Lena, Wisconsin Travel Agent

An independent agent with Cruises & Tours, Unlimited in Jacksonville, FL, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Brandt Travel Agency/ Tanya Brandt

I want you to have an amazing time no matter what the situation.

If you traveling for business, vacation, family, honeymoon/wedding, relaxation, group, no matter what the reason I want to take care of you!

From Anywhere to Anywhere!!! Rental Cars, Air, Hotel, Cruises, Tours, and More!!

Why use Brandt Travel Agency?

Here are 10 reasons to use our services:

1. At Brandt Travel Agency we are Educated and have Personal Experience
We are certified in Retail Travel Sales.
Tanya Brandt has over 15 years business experience. She has a Masters in Art with minors in Business and Education.
With all of our travel experience we know what you want! You want a care free experience!

2. At Brandt Travel Agency we have Influence
We have developed relationships with our suppliers.
Finding deals, special accommodations, or even that room that is not available may be an opportunity available to us and not to you.

3. At Brandt Travel Agency we can Fix it
If you are on a trip and things are not going as planned we can fix it! Whether its talking to our suppliers or getting you comfortable we will do everything in our power to fix it!

4.  At Brandt Travel Agency we Save YOU $$$
We have access to upgrades, credits, reservations, attractions, and other $$$ saving items that you may not have access to!

5. At Brandt Travel we Save YOU Time
You will not have to spend your valuable time planning, preparing, and/or comparing! We will do that all for you!

6. At Brandt Travel we have the NEW
We keep updated with current travel information and news! Deals!

7.  At Brandt Travel we do NOT Charge YOU
As a customer, you do not pay for our services. We are paid from the vendors, suppliers, and clients we use. So if you book it or we book it does not cost you anymore.

8.  At Brandt Travel we make sure it's RIGHT for YOU
We match you with our suppliers to make sure that you are going to get what you want and need from your trip.

9. At Brandt Travel we are HERE for YOU
To arrange your travel plans, insure your travel plans, make sure your travel plans are what you want and need, and will be here if you need anything while you are traveling! If something is not right or if you would just like to find out more options!

10.  At Brandt Travel we WANT YOU
Without our relationship with you, we are not Brandt Travel Agency! We know that! If you want a rental car, hotel, or an even inclusive trip, no customer is more or less important! You all are equally valuable to our company and without you there is no us!

Helping You!

Orlando Florida
Orlando Florida

We are here for you!! 

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The trip of a lifetime

Reviewed By willpa02 - Oconto Falls, WI | Traveled to
I felt very 'confused and lost' in 2012 when first traveling to Russia for the Olympics, and then doing a sight seeing tour in Germany. The differences in language left me feeling very small in a large place, and way out of my comfort zone. I was unable to understand my flights, how to reach my hotels and even how to do money exchange. What, was beginning to look like it was going to be a nightmare ended up being the such a great experience. Tanya took control, finding the right flights, getting us to our luggage, getting us taxi service, and making sure we weren't being over charged. She was able to get us to each event we had scheduled for the Olympics traveling by bus, train, and even a ski lift into the mountains of Russia. At the times I wanted to sit down and cry, she just took control. It would have been nothing but a bad memory if she hadn't made it the trip of a lifetime.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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