kerry michel

Middleboro, Massachusetts Travel Agent

An independent agent with Cruises & Tours, Unlimited in Jacksonville, FL, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

All-inclusive & Travel Adventures

The beautiful colors of Curacao
The beautiful colors of Curacao

I love to travel, it is my passion. Even if it's just a long drive to someplace I have never been, I consider it an ADVENTURE.

I've spent a large portion of my life traveling . . . when I was young I traveled by boat all over the coastal Cape Cod &  the islands throughout the summer and spent my winters snowmobiling the Northern Maine, NH, Vermont & NY areas.  As a newly married wife & mother, I spent 2 months in an RV adventuring across the United States.  Now as an empty-nester, my husband and I travel as often as we can, to anywhere we choose to go, be it the Caribbean, Europe or just to the West Coast of the US we like to see what we can see.

Several years ago I decided to do something with this passion for adventure and opened a home based travel agency. I spent the entire first year researching, learning, training and taking as many courses as I could find to provide my clients with the best possible service because I wanted to do it right.

International travel, All-inclusive travel, Adventure travel are all areas that I have extensive experience and I would love to introduce you to some of my favorite destinations!

You will not get high pressure sales from me, it's not who I am. The only goal I have is to provide you with the Adventure that you are looking for. Making you happy is what makes me happy!