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Lexington, North Carolina Travel Agent

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Water Fall in Hawaii
Water Fall in Hawaii

I remember as a child taking trips with my family and all the memories I have from those times; and I find myself still talking about them as an adult. Trips to the beach were we played in the sand and sea all day then it was time to go to the pool, who can ever get enough water time right? Shopping on the Board Walk. I can still taste those french fries from a local vendor.

The theme parks we visited. I still smile thinking about my mother who was not a fan of the rides, but she did have one favorite that was an old wooden coster. Not very fast which was fine with her, but we had to ride that first. Then she would find the arcade and say come get me at this desginated time and there she'd stay playing skee ball till time to go. Those are memories I would not trade for anything in the world! Skee ball is still today one of my favorite games to play.  

Do you want to snorkle in the Caribbean, bask in the sun and sand on the isalnd of Jamiaca, set sail on the high seas with your favorite Disney charcter, or just have a romantic getaway for two to an all inclusive resort? I am not helping you plan your destintion, I am planning the memories you will talk about for years.

Do have a church group, womens group, family reunion, or just a large family? I can help you plan those vacations that will take in account what everyone wants to do, so the perfect memories are made.

I put all the care into the details as you would, so why not just sit back relax and let me help take a little stress off your already busy life.

I look forward to helping you plan your memories destination