Susan White

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Travel Agent

An independent agent with Thomas Hogan Travel in Myrtle Beach, SC,

Cruise Category Specialist

Susan S. White born May 28, 19** in Hartford, Connecticut. Married to Lonnie White from Winnsboro, SC for 40 years, I have three adult sons: Bobby, Adrian & Parriss and four grandchildren. We moved from Winnsboro to Chester, SC in June of 1990. For many years I had the idea and dream of organizing cruises for a large amount of people since I had been doing it for others and myself but I never did pursuit the idea until my oldest son talked to me about going into business for myself especially since it was something that I loved doing. In the fall of September 2003, I enrolled in a class at Central Piedmont Community College on the subject of Travel Reservations. Upon completion of this course I opened up Personal Touch Travel in January 2004. After cruising to many of the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii and Alaska, I decided to expand out to the other side of the world.

My first European trip to Italy was in the summer of 1999 where I visited my son. I experienced history like never before. The travel channel as we see it today became a reality to me. With a little research and encouragement from my son , It took me almost Four years to finally forfill my dream. It became evident that becoming a travel agent was what I wanted to do as I encouraged others to make their dream a reality.

My Travels.

My first trip to Italy in 1999 was to San Marco Square in Venice Italy. When I see movies like The Italian Job, it brings back memories of standing on one of the 400+ bridges that connects the Islands in Venezia. My next experience was in Verona Italy where I visited the 14th century Castle of Romeo and Juliet. The history of the famous lovers originated there. People still visit Verona just to touch the breast of the Juliet statue which people believe will bring them good luck. I had such a wonderful life changing adventure in Italy that later I made two return trips to experience more parts of Europe.Today I have taken more than 25 cruises and I have travel aboard five times. My journey is not stopping, in fact it's just getting started.