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Mark Johnson

Jacksonville, Florida Travel Agent

Cruises & Tours, Unlimited, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Sailboat Charter and Adventure Travel Specialist

I love working with people, especially those that love to sail, relax, explore, and don't mind a little adventure along the way.  As a long time resident of the U.S.. Virgin Islands, I traveled the Caribbean extensively and made many new friends along the way.  I worked as a school teacher, teaching marine and environmental science and soon was organizing field trips and expeditions for the school and the faculty.  I realized later that I had a vast knowledge of the area and I should share it with as many people as possible.

Many of the amazing places I have been are either not access able to the average tourist and/or it is very difficult to plan and coordinate unless you have local knowledge (my network of friends).

I started my sailing charter business in 2010 because I wanted to discover a way fro more people to experience the beauty and diverse culture without having to spend a large sum of money to charter a private yacht. 

In 2013 I took my first sailing trip to Greece.  Like the Caribbean, I became familiar with more than 20 idyllic islands between Mykonos and Santorini.  Since then I have provided advice, planned, and booked many private sailing trips for couples and groups.  

The last two years have been spent exploring Brazil.  The colorful culture and amazing geography make this location one that is so overlooked.  There are more than 300 tropical islands, white sand beaches, an azure blue water ready to explore!

I work with many yacht owners an travel suppliers throughout the Caribbean, Greece and Brazil to identify the best value fro my clients.  Pricing is important and a big part of the equation so I spend extra effort not just providing quotes for chartering or taking a cruise, I also prepare a budget so they know how much it is going to cost when they get there.  This is where CaribeSail is different from other sailboat and cruise charter companies.  We not only obtain the best pricing possible, we also help our guest understand d additional costs such as hotel, transfers, meals, etc. 

I have a passion for travel, and really love to get a little of the beaten path so I can discover and share amazing desitations with those that don't mind a little adventure! 


Sail. Relax. Explore

Morning Coffee Break in the BVI
Morning Coffee Break in the BVI

It doesnt matter if you are an experienced sailor or never sailed before, we can customize everything.

One guest recently posted on Trip Advisor "An amazing journey with friends, sailing the Grenadines all organized by CaribeSail.  Sailing, snorkelling, hiking to hidden waterfalls, amazing beaches, delicious meals onboard and ashore - This is the way to travel - forget the cruise ships"

Another guest left a comment " I had more fun than a human shoul be allowed"