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H Barbara Sorensen

Buckeye, Arizona Travel Agent

An independent agent with Nexion, LLC in Irving, TX, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Leisure and Group Specialist

Travel is in my blood! Extensive travel for over 30 years has been my good fortune, whether for my professional life or personal enjoyment. I was on-the-go for more than 6 months out of every year. As a result, I possess an abundance of knowledge and life enhancing experiences in over 60 countries and a variety of islands across all 7 continents. Travel is exhilarating!

Relax and enjoy the accommodations and amenities that can make your travel rewarding. As I can attest, all airlines, cruise lines, and tours are not alike. I have critiqued over 50 ships, 20 airlines, and untold tours, as well as assessing trips of clients and other travelers to gain an expert perspective of the carriers that are reliable and accountable. Working with your ideas, plans, and specialty needs, we can prevent missed airplanes, stalled cruises, and broken-down buses.

I don't dream about travel, I do it! I have pictures and memories to share for them all. My expertise and the accounts by other travelers can assist you in having the most valuable experience for you and your fellow travel mates - whether you are traveling with small children, older adults, individuals with special needs, or just overly entusiastic chatty friends. The world is out there waiting for you.

Actually my experiencing different modes of travel, a variety of destinations, traditional and exotic excursions, and varying lengths of travel allow me to arrange all aspects of small or large group travel. From your originating site through trip termination, your travel will be as smooth and seamless as possible. After all, you deserve an enjoyable and stress free adventure.

I recently enjoyed a spectacular 59 day cruise around Central and South America this past spring. From the alluring Southern Cross below the equator, the breathtaking city sights atop Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, the regal Andes mountains of ice in Tierra del Fuego, the torrential currents around Cape Horn in contrast to the calm of Beagle Channel, the incredible music and dance of Argentina, the friendly family environment of Uruguay, to many other impressive countries, sights, and experiences, the trip was worth more than the 2300 pictures I took. But the pictures do not do justice to the sights and sounds, you have to be there to experience it!