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Stephanie Cavelli

Massillon, Ohio Travel Agent

An independent agent with Travel Leaders in Albertville, MN,

Peru and French Poly Specialist

Offering exceptional service to meet your travel expectations is all part of the experience when working with My Favorite Travel Agent. Together with my expertise and your dream we can design your perfect getaway vacation.

Craving that perfect beach vacation? For those looking for an unforgettable, quick beach getaway, there is only one answer: Dominican Republic. Some of the most brilliant white, incredibly soft and quality beaches are found in this part of the world and having toured/inspected over 70% of the island’s east coast resorts, I can confidently say you won’t be disappointed.

For those willing to travel a little further, French Polynesia does not disappoint. A stay on one of the Society Islands such as Moorea or the iconic Bora Bora is a must. Let's face it; is there a tropical calendar in existence which doesn't highlight one or both of these locations? I recommend breaking up your trip to visit one of the atolls of the Tuamotu Islands. This is where those of Bora Bora go to get away from it all and for me personally, my favorite of the two. The atolls are something from a fantasy. You can actually see, not only the curvature of the earth, but also the milky way! I've traveled all over the world and never witnessed the sky to be as alive as it can be viewed from the Tuamotu Islands. On any given night, you can see more shooting stars here than you would find during meteor showers in the US. To stand in the middle of the atoll, look over one shoulder and see the mighty Pacific and look over your other shoulder to take in the mesmerizing blue lagoon will remind you how small we really are in the big picture and to appreciate who we are, all we have and enjoy every minute we have in this fabulous world. For many, this is a "bucket list" destination. We would love to work with you to craft a vacation plan that will not only meet your expectations but wildly exceed them.

Feeling more adventurous? It’s time to visit one of my favorite locations, Peru. This mega geographically diverse country will have you in a sense of awe as you explore its fast paced city life, spectacular Andes Mountains, breathtaking deserts and vast portions of the one and only Amazon. I highly recommend looking beyond just the ruins of Machu Picchu to discover a country so rich in history and hidden gems. This getaway will have you speechless and leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Having the opportunity to connect with customers is what makes my job so fantastic! Hearing why a particular trip is so special to them and how much they enjoyed it upon their return is incredibly rewarding. Call me today and let’s start planning your next vacation!


Visiting Peruvian Amazon Tribe
Visiting Peruvian Amazon Tribe
"Stephanie was amazing! She made sure we were taken care of from start to finish.I will definitely call her to help pan our next vacation!" - Zanesville, OH

"Stephanie at My Favorite Travel Agent is the best travel arranger that I have ever worked with. She is very knowledgeable on many great travel destinations and gives first class, personalized service. She always makes sure everything is in order for your trip (right down to the info packet that she provides). You can tell she loves helping others and making their travel experience unforgettable. Great job Stephanie!" – Akron, OH

"Just back from Ireland which Stephanie helped us plan. She was awesome through it all (and we are difficult customers!) Absolutely the best - Medina,