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Sarah Qeyros

HOUSTON, Texas Travel Agent

Sarah Qey Travel Inc., a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Special Interest Trip Planning

I’m going on vacation with you!

Well, not really. What I tell every client is that when I’m helping them create a travel package, I put as much effort and attention to detail into it as if it was my own vacation.

Since 1996, I’ve been offering travel services, and have helped people plan trips everywhere from the Grand Canyon to the Greek Islands, from South America to the American Southwest. Today,

I’m able to help you arrange anything from a Colorado ski honeymoon to an all-inclusive luxury ocean cruise to a spiritually illuminating, culturally rich trip to the Middle East. Maybe we can help put together that trip to Egypt or Turkey you’ve always wanted to take.

Some clients are interested in general sight-seeing, but others hope to check out certain topics – maybe explore the wines and wineries of a region, maybe interesting architecture, maybe important sites for their faith.  Whatever your interest there is a trip that will fit you!

What I really like is when people ask me to help plan their next vacation, since that means I was able to assist them in creating something memorable for their last trip.

Travel with a Purpose

I also like to make sure our clients stay safe the entire voyage – I speak three languages and am always happy to assist with any challenges. On a past trip to Israel, one group member lost her passport. She ended up having to stay there a few more days for paperwork purposes, but everything worked out fine and she made it home with some great memories. I’m originally from Brazil but I’ve lived in the U.S. for 24 years. In many cases, I can provide extra, more useful information and advice that you won’t find anywhere else. Myself and the rest of the Sarah Qey Travel team are always happy to answer questions or help you research a special trip, whether it’s solo or group or escorted tour. I’ve earne