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There's a good chance I've been where you want to go. I can offer a nuanced perspective that you won't find in a guidebook and help you find the trip that will really suit you. Having traveled to every state in the U.S. and set foot on all seven continents, I’m familiar with many bucket-list destinations: Antarctica, Europe, Hawaii, South America, Australia, and Eastern Asia. While I love to book places I’ve visited, I’m always eager to research new itineraries and countries, since I probably want to go there next. I genuinely want my clients to find the right fit, so I’m happy to answer lots of questions and talk through the details. My own wanderlust started as a child and whether I’m planning your next trip or welcoming you home, I enjoy hearing about your travel memories! Long before I became an agent, I was always the one helping friends and family plan trips. I’m also a big outdoorsman and am certified by the Sierra Club to lead off-trail backpacking trips. Fortunately in 2006 I realized I could turn my expertise into a profession and I opened my travel agency based in Long Beach, CA. Coming from a business background, I'm comfortable handling a complicated itinerary and juggling different wish lists from a group for their trip. It also means I know how to advocate for clients when working with suppliers. Whatever you need, I’m on it. My favorite trip to book is Alaska, which I’ve visited multiple times. Everyone loves it, so I know it will make my clients happy – if they are up in the air about where to go it’s one of the first places I recommend. If you’re up for an adventure, I also highly recommend going to Antarctica with Lindblad/National Geographic. My trip was exciting, educational, and it was fascinating to be surrounded by penguins. I even took a dip in the Antarctic Ocean. It was one of the craziest things I've ever done – and also so much fun! Stop reading about the places you want to see and let’s start planning your trip together!

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