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Jeannell Charman

Salem, Illinois Travel Agent

Salem Travel Bureau, LTD, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Experience counts, trust an agent who has traveled

Some people call me the Cruise Lady.  Recently someone asked me how many cruises I had been on; I couldn't answer.  It's well over a hundred and I've cruised on all the major cruise lines.  My first cruise was in 1973 on the Carnival Mardi Gras.  My husband retired as an officer on Norwegian Cruise Lines, and in addition to other cruises, I cruised with him several times a year.  What an unimaginable evolution the cruise industry has experienced!  I could never have predicted the growth and options of cruise ships now available.

How do you find the cruise that's best for you?  The best explanation I've heard is that cruise ships are like cars, there are makes and models for every person and every budget.  Matching the traveler to the ship, itinerary and vacation cost is the key.  If you are looking only at the price, I'm not your girl; but if you want an honest comparison, it is to your advantage to work with someone who knows the options and can get the best available special offer on a legitimately published price. 

My own personal travel:  I was most surprised by Peru as a destination; like most travelers, we were enticed by Machu Picchu but the country is much more.  My husband is Norwegian and there isn't a more beautiful country on the planet than Norway, it's Alaskan beauty on steroids.  We are well traveled around the globe from Europe to the Far East.  To me, a great travel agent must have first-hand knowledge of the challenges of travel and have visited a variety of destinations worldwide. 

All-inclusive vacations:  where you select a resort and prepay one price that includes your resort, meals, entertainment and drinks.  To me, there isn't much more relaxing for those who want a pampered beach vacation than a Sandals holiday; we were recently at Sandals St. Lucian Grande Resort and Spa and it was fabulous!  As a Sandals Specialist, I've visited most of their resorts and have my favorites, call and we can discuss their unique and common traits. 

Family:  with children and grandchildren in the US, England and Norway our personal travel takes us around the globe.  Although I'm not the one for a backpackers holiday, I am experienced in planning detailed international vacations from first class to luxury arrangements.  I welcome the opportunity to work with travelers who have a realistic expectation and enjoy experiencing the world and it's many cultures.

Beware of discounters.  If agents feel they must discount their commission to earn your business, they don't think much of their knowledge and ability.  Our agency doesn't discount and if we charge a planning or service fee it is quite reasonable.  Call to compare, I'm confident that personal knowledge and personal service will win out.

Lastly, my first employer's favorite saying was that "if you want things to be like they are at home, stay home.  If you want to experience the world, let me help."  I look forward to the helping you with your next travel experience. 



Community Advocate

Jeannell and Mike Charman on the Norwegian Escape
Jeannell and Mike Charman on the Norwegian Escape

In my spare time I am a community advocate.  I served as the first President of our local Main Street Salem program.  I am a Past President of the Salem Lions Club, currently club Secretary, and so very proud of the work of our Lions Club and Lions International.  I was honored with the Business Person of the Year Award by our local Chamber of Commerce and Salem Foundation.  Through the years I have served on many private, business and government committies and welcome the opportunity to effect positive growth and change.  It is my belief that through positive encouragement and communication our lives, our communities and our world can be a better place for us all.  

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We always have a wonderful vacation when Jeanell does all the work !

Reviewed By none - Alma Ill | Traveled to
My husband and I have taken 4 trips with Salem travel Jeannell has always has always been very helpful with everything from what to pack to what not to pack ,we always have a great time and Salem travel does all the work .My favorite trip was to Ireland ,Jeanneall even helped me with my family history ,before we got on board ,it was a great trip !
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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5 of 11 people found this review helpful

Repeated excellent service

Reviewed By Marcie - Houston | Traveled to
My husband and I have used Salem Travel for 20 years. Jeannell has provided prompt, excellent service. She has advised us of value for the money trips. She has planned family vacations for us. Salem Travel has provided excellent service both in American travels as well as international travels. I would highly recommend their services.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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3 of 9 people found this review helpful

Planned Trio Long Distance

Reviewed By Nancy Meyer - Salem IL | Traveled to
I wanted to take a couple of trips in 2015. I lived in St. Louis but was not familiar with any agent, calls to a couple of them left me cold. I had used Salem Travel in the past. When I was visited my father in Salem I stopped in and checked with Jeannell, sharing my dream travel needs. She gave me specific options, to random questions! Shared several brochures, to help me narrow down my choice. She followed up within a couple of days with a phone call with prices and dates. My daughter and I took a dream trip to New York City and a Crystal Cruise to Bar Harbor and Canada! One of the trips was to meet up with 22 people in Florida that had booked with someone else for a cruise. She took care of me flawlessly. I recommend Jeannell and Salem Travel with most high confidence.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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