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Diana Glassman

Stewartsville, New Jersey Travel Agent
An independent agent with Travel Leaders in Albertville, MN,
Diana Glassman
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Diana Glassman

Stewartsville, New Jersey Travel Agent

An independent agent with Travel Leaders in Albertville, MN

Family, Romance & Caribbean Travel Specialist

I think the most powerful thing about travel is that it can truly transform your life. Throughout my own adventures, I have encountered new people and enjoyed new experiences that have changed me for the better. Once, while traveling in Bora Bora, I sat in the crystal clear water and was able to feed the fish that were swimming all around me. It was pure magic!

Moments like these become memories that people cherish for a lifetime, and my hope is to provide each of my clients with many memorable moments during every one of their trips. When you work with me, you can expect the following service:

  • Expert research and reliable information during all stages of the planning process. I have visited many of the places that I book, and I also conduct extensive research to make sure that everything meets my high standards. I read online reviews, I watch videos and I conduct social research to make sure that my clients will enjoy every moment of their stay.
  • Frequent communication up until the moment that you depart for your vacation. I call my clients the day before they leave to make sure that they have finalized their details, printed their boarding passes and have packed all of the essentials. 
  • Travel monitoring throughout the duration of your trip. I monitor flights to make sure they are on track, and I encourage my clients to let me know when they have arrived at their destinations safely. 
  • Emergency contact service at any point of your vacation. I am here to help! When you book with me, you are never alone. I have my cell phone by my side at all times so that my clients can reach me while they are away.

I love to book family vacations as well as romantic honeymoons. Some of my favorite trips to book are relaxing getaways to the beautiful Caribbean Islands, but I am ready and willing to book trips to any destination that you desire. You can't return a bad vacation. When you book with me, you will feel confident in every aspect of your itinerary, and you will be able to focus on having fun while you are away.

Contact me today, and we can start planning an unforgettable adventure!


Bora Bora
Bora Bora

We are fortunate to have Diana from Happy Place Vacations to help us with our travel planning. Her service is outstanding and professional yet still fun and easy going. Through her expertise, we have been able to make our families dream Walt Disney World trip come true this August, as well as a couple’s getaway to beautiful Turks and Caicos, in November ‘11. In addition, she has helped us with past trips to Orlando, Fl. as well as other Caribbean destinations and now an upcoming Las Vegas getaway and out of town wedding. Diana has helped us plan within our budget and strives to plan for us, exactly the trip we envisioned. Diana offers peace of mind, knowing our trip is in the hands of a true professional who loves what she does.

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