Laura Nash

Nashville, Tennessee Travel Agent

An independent agent with The Travel Planner in Hendersonville, TN, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Destination Wedding/Honeymoon Adventure Specialist

Backroad from San Jose to Jaco; Costa Rica
Backroad from San Jose to Jaco; Costa Rica

I want to help mold your own travel experience unique to You using my own travel diversity and knowledgeable tools. 

I feel a service of passion is the best service you can give or receive. Mine just happens to be travel and culture. From a mission to Africa to a whim in Costa Rica, my own yearning for new experiences, knowledge, and excitement in traveling had lead me to specialize in just that for others.

In addition, to making my rounds around the U.S. of A., the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas, I have visited and spent time in 6 other countries and counting..

If you have any questions about where to even start in your trip or need someone to spend their time and not yours to search the best location, accomodations, and other details, I am here to help you plan your vacation and travel arrangements.