Greg Smith

Edmonds, Washington Travel Agent

Royalty Travel, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Small/Medium Business and Leisure Specialist

Loving Loreto MX
Loving Loreto MX

I have been a travel agent for over 25 years and an owner for over 10. You can't survive in this business that long without having done something right. I have transitioned from a downtown storefront agency to now working out of my home. The advantage to you is that I am the only one you will ever be talking to. I pride myself in personalized service and being your travel advocate instead of a normal sales person. That allows me to ask the necessary questions to research and recommend travel that is customized to your needs and pocketbook. I only recommend proven vendors that can back up their products. The reality in that is that sometimes it may not be the "cheapest", but will be the best buy for the buck on a reliable product. 

Being an longtime agent has allowed me to become very familiar with many destinations and able to play the airfare game much better than my competitors. I have traveled Mexico extensively along with numerous other destinations and cruises . I am a member of the GSBA. I handle travel for several departments of the Univeristy of Washington and Harvard along with businesses like Harris Electric and McNeel and Associates. I also handle the regional travel needs of IATSE.

In summary, I enjoy what I do and I pass that energy on to you, the comsumer. Please consider mr for your present and future needs, no matter how small.