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Edith Driest

North Port, Florida Travel Agent

An independent agent with Nexion, LLC in Irving, TX, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Individual and Group Travel Specialist

I feel like I've been reading many different books over the last 40 years or so while in the travel business. Books we read or in this case the sojourns we take often become rich filled memories.  Over the years, I've traveled to many parts of the world (about 50 countries) and today enjoy helping others do the same. It is my joy to assist travelers make new discoveries, experience new cultures and garner the personal rewards that come when we stretch our boundaries. This can easily apply to individuals or groups, students or baby boomers, cruisers or tour participants. Working with these various types of travelers has been my good fortune. They've helped me appreciate their varied interests in various cultures and customs and I've enjoyed helping them reach their objectives - whether that was a short airplane trip or a lifetime journey around the world. Testimonials "Edie has provided unforgettable travel experiences for me and my family throughout the years. In addition to providing great and affordable vacation opportunities, and endless opportunities for exploration, proprietor Edie is always ready to guide you to the best values in where to stay, what to do, and the best places to eat during your travels." Joyce N. “The 7,000 mile Amtrak trip Edie planned for us proved to be the best vacation the two of us could have wished for! We had asked to have a long scenic route on Amtrak with time built in to visit friends and relatives, to stop at Pioneer Village, visit with my brother and his wife, and other points of interest. The trip met all of our expectations. Edie had also booked us on a Caravan bus tour to see the California Redwoods. And, last but not least, she also booked members of our church on a group cruise to the Caribbean. Those additional adventures turned out quite enjoyable as well. We would gladly recommend other senior citizens to use the services of It's Time To Travel. “ Alice B. " I have worked with Edie for 14 years planing my travels, from my first backpacking adventure to Europe and North Africa through organizing a group to Machu Picchu. She is my go to when I am uncertain of how to get there." Morgan L. “Ultimately four of us from the west coast booked a Holland America cruise from Canada to New England. First, Edie researched various cruise lines traveling to the desired destinations and ordered us the respective brochures. When a decision had been made, Carol Z. had Edie book a cruise line - based on past experiences, offerings, and cost. Edie was extremely helpful with making a decision on the best insurance policy for the trip, with her travel knowledge knowing the pro's and con's of selecting the cruise line's insurance program. Extensive research was conducted by Edie on air travel from Spokane, Sacramento and Seattle to Quebec, as the traveling parties were coming from different parts of the West Coast and wanted to fly together. Edie worked to find the best flights and contacted the cruise line on more than one occasion to ensure all options were made available. When Carol Z. passed away, Edie handled all the crediting of the trip with the various agencies on my behalf, including flights, hotel room reservation, cruise reservation and insurance. She also rearranged the state room arrangements, combining me with Linda T. due to Carol's vacancy. The hotel room arrangements also had to be changed in Quebec. Edie's coordination and attention to detail involved contacting the agencies on multiple occasions and ensuring the credit was accurately applied. Two individuals joined the group later, whereupon Edie expertly guided them through the process and facilitated them along the way, which was highly appreciated by the somewhat inexperienced cruise travelers. As the cruise was coming near, Edie ensured that all check-ins and required information was taken care of; once again guiding us gently along with the process and ensuring optimum success. Edie's professional assistance, travel expertise and excellent customer service was greatly appreciated, especially with all the burdens occurring in the wake of someone's passing. She is the best of the best!” Holly Z. The sky is the limit. If you'd like help narrowing down where you should travel next, please contact us. We'll be happy to help you with the process!

Many special memories exist because of travel!

Credits to Abercrombie & Kent, Petra, Jordan, Phot
Credits to Abercrombie & Kent, Petra, Jordan, Phot

Favorite travel memories include: Hong Kong –Loved the mix of English and Chinese there, talk about a confluence of cultures! Galapagos Islands – Being up close and personal there took on a different meaning, which included swimming with the sea lions, being in close company to blue footed booby birds, etc! There, man is not a threat! Petra, Jordan – Upon first witnessing this ancient UNESCO site, I got goose bumps! Canadian Rockies – Riding horses on the ridges of those 7,000' mountains was really a 'moving' experience! Machu Picchu – This is a place where your imagination can't help but run wild! Italy – Food, wine, history, beautiful scenery, art, expressive people. It doesn't